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Bill Aucoin Net worth

Bill Aucoin is a short name given for the famous personality William Martin Aucoin. He was a famous personality and was well known for his work done with the rock band Kiss. Mr. William was born in 1943 on December 29, and he died on June 28 in the year 2010. Most of the public know them as a manager of an American band and is very famous for his work. 

Mr. Bill was born in Massachusetts, where he attended the Northeastern University and graduated with a degree in film. While he was getting a degree for his all, he got a job with WGBH in Boston.

Career life

The famous band Kiss was discovered by bill, and he also managed the entire group for nearly ten years. The Managing work performed by William Bill was overwhelming had he tried to manage the work entirely by himself and to get the band famous. The reason behind his death was the fire as in 1982 there was a dispute in the band. 

There were some allegations made on the person because of the drug abuse that appeared in the band and was later shown through the DVD projections. In early 1970, he also promoted a television show named Super Mart sweep. Years of his age for about two years, he went to Broadway business and got himself engaged in Los Angeles.

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Family status

Besides the different things he has to manage in the last years of his age, that was seen to be really difficult. He had a really good family who supported him in his time. Besides having a bankrupt situation, he was thought to enter again the management business that he had named Aucoin globe entertainment. About the relationship status that he had, he was thought to be married to Roman Fernandez and had two sisters named Janet and Betty.

Many of his good friends were stated as the best and irreplaceable manager of the band. It was thought that no one could replace the work done by him as he had done a lot for the band. Besides the kids, he also acted as a manager for Piper, virgin, New England, spider kid, shaw Summer, manova, and many more.

Bill net worth

As a musical producer, Bill is thought to have a net worth of 16 million dollars. As he was born in 1943 and died at the age of 63, he thought he made a really good amount as a bank balance. 16 million dollars net worth made him a rich band manager. Good balance in his account he can have better recognition and worked for many different bands. 

The rock band kiss was managed by bill, and he was recognized by it for a longer. Even after the death of Mr. Bill, he was recognized by a lot of people, and his work is admired to a large extent. Many of the people still dream of having a professional like him and also made him ideal. 

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