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Bill Bixby was born on the 22nd of January in 1934; he was a professional actor, executive producer, director, and game show master. Bill Bixby blazed the trail of his career as a game show panelist in 1959. He was majorly popular for television shows such as the incredible hulk. However, the marriage life of bill was equipped with an exceeding extent of highs and lows, as he married three women in his entire lifetime.

Bill made frequent appearances in the movies, television shows, and books for almost three decades; yes, you read it right. The character of Tim O’Hara portrayed by Bill is still the utmost fan-favorite character. Here are some of the interesting facts which you should know about bill Bixby; let’s get started.

Early life

Bill Bixby was born on the 22nd of January in California, United States. The name of Bixby’s father was Wilfred Bixby II, and his mother was subjected with an English lineage, and her real name was Jane Bixby. Bixby was passionate about singing and dancing from an early age. Moreover, he began to start singing in the choir of an explicit church. However, he was excluded from the group. Later he was inspired to learn ballroom dance; at the instance of his ballroom lessons route, Bill was admitted to a renowned school. After the dance, he was keenly interested in acting and dramatic skillsets.

Afterward the completion of high school, Bixby was admitted to the college of his city, and he was majorly involved in dramatic activities. 1959 was the turning point of bill’s career as he was signed as a model for a commercial subject with the automobile industry.

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Bill debuted his acting career by appearing in a play named the boyfriend. In a nominal time, he performed the debut of his television career. He appeared in a television show, the many loves of Dobie gills. The actor was considered a brilliant character actor, and he made frequent appearances in renowned television shows and movies. 1970 was the guest appearance season for Bixby as he made guest appearances in tons of television shows and series in the explicit year; some of the most renowned ones are as follows, fantasy island, American style, the love boat, etc.

Bixby was signed as the leading role for the movie incredible hulk, the foremost movie of the hulk series. Bill portrayed the character of David banner; the movie was utterly complexed on the Marvel comic series. The movie, incredible hulk, acquired an exceeding extent of popularity and affection, the creators of the show decided to produce a TV series expanding the movie. The series was the golden state of Bixby’s career; after the completion of this series, Bixby became a producer, all the more, he directed considerable episodes of TV series.

As mentioned ahead, the personal life of bill was a bit of high and lows; he was married to Brenda benet at the foremost events, the son of Bixby died due to cardiac disease, and benet was not able to bear it and committed suicide.

Net worth

The net worth of bill Bixby was $10 million.

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