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Bill Champlin Net Worth

William Bradford Champion is professionally known as Bill Champlin. He is a well-known musician, singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer based in America. In 1965, he led the foundation of the famous band named Sons of Champlin, which is still popular and performing well. Bill Champlin was also the main member of the Chicago band for more than two decades. Bill gained prominence by performing as lead vocalist on the biggest hits made by a Chicago band named “I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love,” “Hard Habit to Break,” and “Look Away.” He performed as baritone during the live shows of the band, and the vocal parts were originated by Terry Kath, the famous original guitarist. For his outstanding songwriting skills, he won numerous Grammy Awards and is famous worldwide.

Early Life

William Bradford Champlin was born in 1947 on 21st May in Oakland, California. His talent for playing the piano was discovered at a very young age, and he then started to learn guitar after getting inspired by the popular guitarist Elvis Presley. While being at high school, he started his band named The Opposite Six and went to California to acquire a degree in music.

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Career Beginnings

Bill completed his studies at Tamalpais High School in California, where he formed a band known as “The Opposite Sex.” He continued to study music, but he was encouraged by one of his professors to pursue his career in music professionally by seeing his outstanding skills. In 1977, Bill shifted to Los Angeles, where he changed his band named The Opposite Six to “Sons of Champlin.” He then recorded a huge number of albums that got famous and well-reviewed, including “Circle Filled with Love” and “Loosen Up Naturally.”

Due to the band’s uncertain future, Champlin collaborated with Jerry Miller in “The Rhythm Dukes,” and they both gained a great degree of acclaim for their performances. They recorded an album named “Flashback” in 2005 that got highly popular. He got popular in Los Angeles for his singing, and then he started doing studio session work. Bill was awarded as the most valuable player peer for being the best male background vocalist by the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences. He won multiple awards for releasing albums by collaborating with famous singers.

Personal Life

Currently, Bill is living in Los Angeles. He has two siblings named Sally Champlin and Mimi Champlin. In 1970, Bill got married, and his wife gave birth to two children named Amy Jo Kelly and Bradford Raymond Champlin. Bill again got married in 1982 to Tamara Champlin, and they have a son named Will Champlin. In 1983, Bill and Tamara both performed in the film titled Copper Mountain together. In 2016, Champlin’s Son from his first wife Bradford died because of complications of cancer.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of this very famous singer and musician is approximately $10 million. He earns his salary by releasing albums and singles and through writing commendable singles.

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