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Bill Condon Net Worth

The birth name of Bill Condon is William Condon, a famous director, and screenwriter based in America. He is popular for his outstanding skills in directing and writing. He has directed and written plenty of successful films known as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- part 1, part 2, Gods and monsters, Dreamgirls, Chicago, and Kinsey. Some of his films are famous worldwide, and people have given much love to his writings and how he direct films. He was awarded Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Chicago and Gods and Monsters, even for his commendable writing skills.

Early Life

Bill Condon was born in 1955 on 22nd October in New York City, United States. He was born to a police detective. Bill grew up in an Irish Catholic family. He completed his studies at Regis High School and further studies at Columbia College of Columbia University. He achieved a degree in philosophy in 1976. Two of his films had a great impact on the life of Cordon. At a very young age, Condon found himself in the writing of Bonnie and Clyde, and he thought his life is depicted in that screenplay.

The second movie was Sweet Charity that he saw in his college days that greatly impacted his life. After completing his graduate studies, he worked as a journalist for Millimeter and American Film. In 1981, Village Voice sponsored the most difficult film quiz, which Condon won and was awarded.

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Career Beginnings

Condon started writing screenplays, and he started his career as a filmmaker through those screenplays for Strange Behavior, a horror film of the 1950s, and Strange Invaders, science-fiction that starred Wallace Shawn and Nancy Allen. He released his directorial debut named Sister in 1987, in which Jennifer Jason Leigh and Eric Stoltz were starred. The test screenings of the debut led to multiple changes in the film, which was a big failure that put a setback on the career of Condon.

He directed multiple movies like The Man Who Wouldn’t Die, Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh, Gods and Monsters, and more. The screenplay of Gods and Monsters was nominated and awarded with Academy Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay. Condon struggled a lot to make his career in Hollywood as a journalist and screenwriter, but his hard work pays off. He got nominated for the screenplay of Chicago and even won an Edgar Award for Chicago’s screenplay.

Bill Condon wrote the film titled Kinsey that was a controversial story of sex researchers named Alfred Kinsey. He was awarded for that film as his biggest achievement was to turn the most complicated and controversial story into an intellectual drama. He received Stephen F. Kolzak Award for the same.

Personal Life

Bill Condon is gay, and he has openly shared his sexuality in front of the media. He has a long-term relationship with his love Jack Morrissey.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of this famous director and screenwriter of America is approximately $5 million.

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