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Bill Dillard Net Worth

Bill Dillard, who is former name is William Thomas Dillard, was born on September 2, 1914, and was an American businessman. William is one of the most popular American businessmen and has his business running around the whole world. It is not just America in which he is popular, but many people are inspired by the way he works in his business across the globe. He was the founder of Dillard’s departmental store chain, and he has been a very successful period for this business as he made it reach all across the world and gained popularity through it.

Early life

William was the son of Thomas J Dillard and Hattie Mae Gibson Dillard, who are both professionally grocers and gave birth to William on September 2, 1914. We can say that the line of a career that William Jones was already built for him because his father was also an owner of the local departmental store. Because of this, William started working along with his father at the age of 12 in his departmental store, and later on, he found employment as he got the chance to work with Sears and Roebuck Company. It was the first place where he got work, and he gathered a lot of experience regarding retail business from that particular place. He was also graduated from the University of Arkansas and had a business administration degree. He was also an MBA degree holder from Columbia University and holds active membership in the LambdaChi Alpha fraternity.

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Beginning of career

After completing his studies, William returned to Arkansas and decided to open up his store. It was 1938 when William borrowed a total sum of US$8000 from his father to get the store on lease and put on some shelves at which he can stock the goods which he would get on credit supplies from the merchandise owners. He decided to open up his store in Nashville, Arkansas, and also he extended creditors based on his father’s reputation among the wholesalers of the goods that he’s willing to sell from his store.

Later on, after working ten years in Nashville, he decided to sell his store and open up some stores in Texas. After that, he opened up more stores in the area of South United States, and in 1968, his first store was opened in the mall of Austin, Texas. This is how he started to open up further stores in the area of United States, and by the end of the century, Dillard’s was the third-largest departmental store chain in the United States.

Net worth

The basic source of income for William Dillard was nothing else but his departmental store chain. It is nowadays a well-established departmental store chain in the United States, and it was also the same in the time when he was alive. According to the data available, the estimated net worth of William stands at US$19.3 million, and he is also one of the most popular and successful businessmen in the United States. His departmental store chain is spread all across the United States of America, which made him popular as well as rich at the same time.

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