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Well, America is full of talent, and one among such talents is possessed by Bill Dorfman. He is one of the most popular TV celebrities, and he’s also a doctor in America. He is considered to be not just a doctor of the United States, but he is the perfect doctor of the United States as he is working for the Hollywood industry. He is responsible for a lot of brilliant smiles of the Hollywood cinema, and therefore, he has achieved large amounts of success during his dentist career as its go to stay in touch with Hollywood as well.

More about Bill

Bill William Dorfman is 63 years old and was born in Los Angeles, California, United States, on September 16, 1958. He is currently living at the same place where he was born, and he is the writer of Billion Dollar Smile – A complete guide to extreme smile makeover. Bill is not just a doctor by profession, but he is also a producer and actor. The book written by him makes him a writer as well, and therefore, there is no lack of talent in this dentist. In the beginning, from where he started getting popularity among the Hollywood celebrities is the show ABC’s extreme makeover, which was aired in America.

The name of the show was ‘the doctor.’ This is not just the only show in which he has appeared, but he was also cast in a TV program named smile. He has also been given the title of America’ S dentist as he is an America-based doctor and is also providing his services in the same place. The full name of Dr. Bill is William Dorfman. Due to the widespread popularity and also recognization among people, he also has an IMDb profile are people have rated him as one of the best service providers. The existence of an IMDb profile makes him a celebrity itself, and along with that, he has excellent dental skills. Because of these skills and personality, it has been able to gather a lot of fame and popularity among people, and wealth is something which comes along with popularity and fame.

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Personal life

There is barely any updated information about Bill’s present relationship, but he was married before this. – Was married to Jennifer Murphy in 2006 and was leading a problematic life with his wife. Due to the differences between them, they were not able to maintain the relationship of marriage and got separated in 2007. His ex-wife Jennifer Murphy is not just recognized as the wife of Bill William Dorfman, But she was herself a popular YouTuber, business person, and an entertainer. Bill and Jennifer also have a daughter named Anna Dorfman.

Net worth

Dr. Bill is one of the most popular dentists in the world and also in the United States of America. The United States is the origin of his birth, and he has been providing his services to the celebrities of Hollywood right there. From his dentist and celebrity careers, he has managed to gather an estimated net worth of US$10-US$15 million, which is not a small amount of money. Due to such a high amount of wealth accumulation, he is one of the wealthiest dentists across the globe. He is a specialist in dentistry and has been working for Hollywood celebrities for a very long time.

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