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William Cruickshanksis a wrestler who has the nationality of United States of America and was born on 24 October 1943. He is now 77 years old, and he is not just a wrestler but as it was the tile degree of talents as well. He is a Scottish-born professional wrestler and has popularly pronounced the name on the stage, which is Bill Dundee. He decided to enter the wrestling career because he was fond of playing physically-based games, and he also had very good physical strength, which led him to become a wrestler further in his career.

Early life and career

Bill was a Scotland-based wrestler and was bought up in Melbourne. He was just 16 years old when he decided to join the circus as a trapezium artist. It was in 1962 when he decided to enter the wrestling career in Australia, but in the initial stages, he was not so successful. He had to go through a lot of things, because of which he got the title of superstar. In 1974, Bell returned to America with the title of superstar Bill, and at that time, his team partner was George Barns. Both of them had a very wonderful team and defeated a lot of wrestlers in the championships. There were several locations when he also teamed up with other players like Jerry Lawler as well as Jimmy Valiant for many years as well. In the territory of Memphis, he teamed up with the above-mentioned two wrestlers and got huge fame and popularity there.

During his wrestling career, he has played single wrestling matches as well, and between 1975 to 1985, he was the holder of the championship belt. During this course of time, he also teamed up with nature boy, who was also a very successful wrestler back then. The team was very popular in Tennessee as both of them won a lot of championships and matches of wrestling. Even if he is not taking part in the wrestling matches, but he is still active at Memphis wrestling. He has been considered as a heel and Babyface person who is a great wrestler in Memphis. There is a talk show at a radio station WNWS 101.5, where he appears and does the talks about wrestling and several other topics. It is a TV channel based in West Tennessee named public access television, where he also has discussions regarding wrestling and other niches.

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Personal life

Talking about the personal life of Bill, there is barely any detailed information available, but he had a son and a daughter. The name of his son is Jamie Dundee, and the name of his daughter is Donna. His daughter is married to Bobby Eaton, who is also a wrestler.

Net worth

Bill is not only a wrestler, but he has a wide variety of talents as well. He is also an author of several books, and during action in these two carriers, he has managed to earn an estimated net worth of US$1 million. He was a Scotland-based wrestler and an author who struggled a lot during his lifetime and finally achieved fame. Now, his family members are also into wrestling careers, and they are also very popular.

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