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Bill Finger is a US-based comic strip along with a comic book writer along with the creator. He also works as a ghostwriter. He is best known for his creations like Bob Ken, and the DC Comics role called Batman along with co-architect for the development series mostly involved in ghost-writing. Although, Finger did not get contemporaneous credit that seemed handing in the batman development of Batman. He was seen coming along with contemporaneous credit along with handing over the development of Batman along with acknowledging contributions in the Finger along with giving the death of Finger. 

Early Life 

Bill Finger was born on 8th February 1914 in Manhattan, New York, US. He was born in Austria and Hungary in 1890 and then shifted to the US when he was in his late twenties. He has one sibling and while his mother, Tessie stayed back as he headed to the USA. In fact, his entire family shifted to the US in New York City-based at The Bronx where he started their tailor shop. However, due to the Great Depression, his father Louis had to wind up the same. Talking about his education, Finger was seen starting up his school at DeWitt Clinton High School based in the Bronx in the year 1933.

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Career Beginning 

He always wanted to be a writer but for his initial days, he worked as a shoe salesman on a part-time basis. The finger was seen joining Bob Kane’s nascent studio in the year 1938 once he met Kane along with the fellow DeWitt Clinton alumni at one of the parties. Kane was seen getting a job later as what writer for the strips along with Rusty and Clip Carson. After a year or so, we have seen the success of National Comics and he turned into a success that came like the seminal superman for the said base that later was seen promoted as the editor to scramble for this category of heroes. In response, Kane was seen coming along with the batman claimed Finger. 

Besides being involved in the same, he also worked as a screenwriter and then was seen writing for movies including Death Comes and Planet Aytin as far as the earlier to the latest ones in his life. The others include Track of the Moon Beast and The Green Slime to name a few. He was even seen contributing scripts for a number of TV series called Hawaiian Eye and 77 Sunset Strip. He was even seen writing for Charles Sinclair along with writing for the two episodes as well including the shows like The Clock King’s Crazy Crimes and The Clock King Gets Crowned which seemed to air October 12–13, 1966 in season two along with the live-action Batman TV series. He got the credit for the show like the first public credit for a Batman story.

Personal Life 

He was married two times, his first wife was called Portia and the couple had a son Frederick. However, the couple got separated and later got married to Edith in the sixties but they seemed to remain together and died in 1974. Finger got heart attacks thrice and he finally died in 1959 and was cremated at his own place. 

Net worth

The Net worth for Milton Finger is estimated to be around 300 thousand USD.

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