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Bill Griffith, real name William Henry, was born on the 20th of January in 1944. Bill is 77 years old cartoonist, Griffith blazed the trail of his career as a cartoonist in 1969, and he is still exceedingly active in the explicit industry. Moreover, bill Griffith has won ample awards such as the Inkpot award, etc. 

Bill is popularly renowned as Griffey and is exceedingly popular for the comic series zippy. However, there are some interesting facts about the famous cartoonist that you should know about; here is an utter biography of bill Griffith including his net worth. Without wasting any dues, let’s get started.

Early life

Bill Griffith, the actual name William Henry Jackson Griffith, was born and brought up in Brooklyn, united states. Conferring the statement and interviews of bill Griffith, he was inspired by his neighbor who was subjected to the profession of science illustration. The fact might amaze you that the entire family of bill Griffith including his mom and dad, were starred as a model of an explicit framework. 

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Griffith acquired his essential education and commenced his career as a cartoonist. The foremost glance of his career was not highly significant. The first-ever comic strip rendered by bill was named screw; the comic strip was released in the year 1969. After the humorous route of his career, Griffith blazed the trail of underground comix; all the more, Griffith acquired an exceeding extent of popularity in the comic industry to his potential movement of the underground comix. The prominent comic and illustration rendered by Griffith are as follows, young lust, the new York Thames, and many more. 

As mentioned ahead, bill Griffith was majorly popular for his comic strip zippy. Zippy, comic strip was published on a print mint at the very foremost events, and later the comic strip was under a weekly progression in a print mint named Berkeley Barb. Zippy performed well in explicit and diversified newspapers and magazines. After the limelight route on zippy, Griffith subjected few mutations in the comic strip; zippy was added with a new character of Griffith himself named Griffy. The surface was subjected to an alter ego, and it was added in the comic strip in the year 1979. 

The comic strip acquired an extent of recognition that in the nominal span of the releasing route, the theme music of this explicit comic strip was released. Besides zippy, Griffith created tons of other masterpieces; the bill authorized a two-month comic series named comic Journalism. The fact that might amaze you that bill has published a novel subjected to his personal life. 

The core notion of the novel focused on the extra-marital affair of an extremely popular cartoonist with the mother of bill Griffith. The foremost spouse of bill Griffith was named nancy; after the divorce with her first wife, Griffith married another cartoonish named DanieNoomin. After tying a note with Diane Noomin, the couple moved to Connecticut. 

Net worth 

The net worth of bill Griffith is between $1 million to $5 million.  

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