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Bill hicks, the birth name William Melvin Hicks, was born on the 16th of December in the year 1961. Bill hicks was a renowned standup comedian; alongside the talent of a musician, the condensed genre performed by bill hicks was conversational and dark, and the utmost prominent subjects were sexuality and American issues. Bill Hicks died on the 26th of February in the year 1994, and he was 32 years old at the instance of his death. 

Bill Hicks died at an early age, which left every shocked. The life of Bill hicks was filled out with exciting events. Below mentioned is an utter set of information about bill hicks, including his net worth; let’s dive in

Early life

Bill hicks were born and brought up in Georgia, the parents of Bill hicks had three children including bill hicks. Hick’s father was named Jim Hicks, and his mother was named Resse Hicks; the family of hicks moved to Houston was hicks was just a kid of 7 years old. Hicks completed his primary education at the Stratford school. Bill hicks were passionate about performing dative skits of woody Allen from an early age. 

Bill Hicks was quite affectionate towards his family member and was ultimate close to them. The fact might astonish that hicks confronted a complication of unorthodox trials; his parents thought that they should consult with a psychoanalyst for the rebellious trails of hicks. 

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To pursue his passion as a full-time professional, hicks joined a comic group in the 1980s. Devoid of work and a proper job, hicks starting utilizing recreational medicines as drug abuse. Moreover, he was subjected to mitigated financial resources. The year 1987 was the turning point of Hicks’s career, and he debuted his comedy career on an explicit comedy special. Subsequent to his debut in a comedy special, bill hicks was unstoppable; in order to embrace the authenticity and potential of his career, Bill hicks shifted to New York.

For half a decade, bill rendered stage shows more than 300 times; the prominent scenes and framework of his acts were drug abuse. He consistently created skits of quitting smoking, his addiction towards nicotine alongside his affection. In a nutshell, the chain-smoking theme was one of the alleged framework rendered by the bill hicks in the forthcoming years of his career. 

At the foremost events of 1990, bill hicks unconfined his major album named Dangerous. After the release of his album, Bill Hicks became the utmost sizzling standup comedian of the European region. Unfortunately, bill hicks acknowledged that he is suffering from pancreatic cancer, he was analyzed with pancreatic tumors, and the condition of those tumors was severe. Bill hicks had weekly syndicated chemotherapy sessions, he was utterly dedicated towards his work, and he kept promoting his album tour. 

The last show performed by bill hicks was at the Caroline stadium. The cancer was spread in his entire body. Hicks took his last breath on the 26th of February 1994.

Net worth

The net worth of bill hick was $6 million.  

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