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The investors have a considerable contribution in smooth on-going of the economy. Wall Street is only part of the world where you will find investors from different parts of the world. By investing and sustaining in Wall Street, some investors have become a billionaire and currently at the top of the world while others fell from a height losing their everything. Here we will discuss the well-known New York-based investor Bill Hwang. He is currently on the trend because of losing $20 billion within ten days in the last week of March 2021. You should get a more precise idea about him by going through the facts mentioned below.

Early life

Bill Hwang is known initially as Sung Kook Hwang, who was born in 1964 in South Korea. He was raised in a religious environment as his parents were mainly Christian with a bit of accent of Korean. During his teenage days, the entire family migrated to Las Vegas, where his father served as pastor in the local church. After some years, his father died, and his mother took his family to Los Angeles. There is no idea where he pursued his high school education, but for graduation, he attended the University of California to study economics, and later, he went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh to pursue MBA.

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Career beginnings

Bill firstly worked in McDonald’s to earn a living, and after studied he started working as a salesman in Hyundai Securities. He was having a good interest in finance, and surprisingly, his work caught the attention of Julian Robertson. This opened his golden path towards the Wallstreet as he was offered to join the Tiger Management owned by Robertson. As per the sources, Hwang was a top-rated and very successful methodical analyst who worked with very good potential. Robertson finalized to shut down his hedge funds and gave $25 million to Bill Hwang to launch his funds. 

Hwang worked with full dedication, and his tiger Asia management grew over $ 5 billion within a very short time. The main fame and attention of his career were attained by the success of this venture which everyone knew was supported by him even when it was owned by Robertson. The 2008 financial Crisis was considered a huge loss for him as almost everyone loses their millions in this global crisis. 

In 2012, the company Tiger Asia Management paid over $ 44 million to the United States for settlement. He converted Tiger Asia Management into Archegos Capital management in 2013, where he managed over $10 billion. But in 2014, the ban was imposed on Hwang, due to which he was not allowed to trade for four years in Hong Kong.2021 has been proved as a dark year for him as the loss trigged by the company was valued at $30 billion, which affected Nomura and Credit Suisse.

Personal life

If we talk about the personal life of Bill Hwang, he was married to Beck Hwang. They bought a house in New Jersey, which was valued at $ 3 million.

Net worth

The net worth of Bill Hwang is estimated at $10 billion.

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