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Bill Mays Net Worth

Bill Mays was born on the 20th of July in the year 1958. Billy Mays was a 50 years old professional television promoter. Bill Mays blazed the trail of his professional career as a promoter in the year 1986, and he was extremely active in the field till 2009. Unfortunately, Bill Mays died on the 28th of June in the year 2009 in Tampa, Florida, United States.

His resting place is situated in Mounty Cavalry, Pennsylvania, United States of America. He was correspondingly named as the king of pitch. He was married to Dolores Mays at the very first glance, and the couple later got a divorce, and he married Deborah Mays. Here is a complete biography of bill Mays. 

Early life

Bill Mays’s real name William Darrell Mays Jr., was born on the 20th of July in the year 1958. He was born and brought up in McKee Rocks, Pennsylvania, however subsequent to few years old, he moved to Pittsburgh.

He acquired his high school education from Roux high school, after graduating from the high school he was later admitted to the West Virginia University. The fact might amaze you that Mays was correspondingly brilliant in football as he played in the college football team for almost two years. 

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However, Bill Mays, due to few unreleased reasons, decided to drop out the college, and subsequent to leaving the college, he was hired by his father’s company. The core notion of his father’s company revolved around hazard and debris material company. The fact might amaze you that Mays acquired training on selling from some experienced salesman, and he underlined that pitching is his style of selling items.

After acquiring plenty of experience, he went to ample auto shows and fairs around every explicit state of the United States. Bill May’s salesman career majorly revolved around home-maintained produces. In the year 1993, bill Mays went to an explicit home show in order to promote his product line, and in that instance, he came across a renowned salesman named Max Appel. 

He was impressed by the skillset of Billy Mays to an exceeding extent; all the more, he hired Mays to promote the product of his own company named orange to go international.  The core notion of the company revolved around the cleaners such as ox clean, orange clean, and many more. 

The salesman skills of Billy Mays drove extreme traffic in the sales of the company, and the revenue of orange go international was notable in a nominal time. The pitching skills of Mays just impressed every possible individual. Magazines and newspaper columns mentioned the name of Bill Mays. All the more, they referred to him as high pitch pitcher.

Subsequent to an acknowledgment in the marketplace, he was hired to promote a renounced firm named Kazoo. Later Mays blazed the trail of his own company named Mays Promotion, and he constantly appeared on television performing commercials of several products.

Net worth

The net worth of Bill Mays was $10 million.  

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