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The very popular American singer and songwriter that we will tell you about today is William Thomas Medley. This guy has been a very popular American singer and songwriter and is well known as a partner of the right TCS brothers. His voice is very mesmerizing because of the bass-baritone voice texture that he has. He has given several popular and exemplified songs like you have lost a loving feeling. He is also a producer of several duo songs like Unchained Melody and Soul and Inspiration.

More about William Thomas medley

Medley was born on September 19, 1940, which makes him 80 years old now. He was born in Santa Anna, California, United States, and his birth name was William Thomas Medley. He is a very popular songwriter and singer in the United States, and it is not the only place where his songs are very popular. His fans hear his songs from all across the globe, and he has been active in the music industry from 1959 till the present. The labels under which he has been working are united artists, RCA Records, and reprise records. He has also been an active part of The Righteous Brothers and Bobby Hatfield.

Early life

Medley is the son of Arnol and Irma Medley. He was born in Santa Anna, California, on September 19, 1940. He attended his studies at Santa Anna high school, from where he got his graduate degree in 1958. He was not practicing singing from any school, but he started his singing from the church itself. None other than his parents initiated and promoted his singing skills as they also had their swing band. The inspiration that he got about singing was from the air and be music as he used to listen to that radio stations. He told in an interview that he was very much influenced by the little Richard, which he heard when he was just 16 years old.

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Personal life

If you talk about the personal life of Medley, he was very active and happy in it. Bill medley first married Karen O’Grady in church. It was the first time when they started dating in 1963, and they both married each other in the initial stages of his music career. They both also have a son whose name is Darrin and who was born in 1965. Their son was just five years old when they both decided to get divorced, and after this, Bill married Suzi Robertson in 1970. Along with this, he also married Janice go to him, but the marriage with these two ladies was also not fulfilled, and it was soon annulled. He was not only married to several women, but he also had relationships with several other women.

His first wife was married to someone else, and after that, she was raped by a stranger in January 1976. Due to this incident, Bill decided to take a break from his music career in 1965 and decided to spend his life with his ten years old son Darrin. The case of the death of his first wife was not solved by the government employees, and therefore he also hired a private investigator to track down the killer. However, the department of police solved the case, and when they knew the name of the killer, he was already killed in an encounter.

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