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It is not only the Hollywood celebrities that are very popular all across the globe because of their skills. Today, we will tell you about a very popular American baseball player named William Edwin Melton. He is one of the most popular personalities in the industry of baseball all across the globe. He was born on July 7, 1945. He debuts in the baseball industry by playing his first game on May 4, 1968, from the side of the Chicago White Sox.

He last appeared in the MLB on August 30, 1977, from the side of Cleveland Indians. He was a very popular sportsperson, and his name is still alive in the baseball industry. The teams for which he has played during his baseball career are the Chicago White Sox, California Angels, and Cleveland Indians. He has got several popular awards during his baseball career, and the most popular ones among them are All-Star in 1971 and an AL home run leader in 1971.

The baseball career of Edwin

Melton was a very popular player during his career, but he was a great player of baseball before that. Yes, he had been playing baseball from his school time, and because of this, he was selected as a minor league agent directly from his school in 1964. After being selected from the school, he was sent to White Sox rookie league. If you talk about the beginning of his actual career, he appeared first in the major league on May 4, 1968. The position he was given was third for seven years. In the beginning, he deleted the homerun chart in 1969 and made 23 home runs.

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Then, he bettered his record of 23 by scoring 33 HoMe runs in 1970 and made his team a game leader. Also, in 1971 he again made 33 Home runs in the American League for his team and got the title of All-Star team. Later on, his production was declined in 1972. He got some problems with his back, and therefore, he could not hit more runs. He was a very popular baseball player in his career, and because of his back pain, he suffered a lot. When he was not at his best, his team broadcaster Harry Caray often railed against his fielding problems.

After baseball career

When he retired from the baseball career, he started working with his father to manufacture skateboard wheels. He became the real estate agent after is the time in as well. He was also a very popular personality among people, and therefore he also took the position of relations representative for his own team, which was the White Sox, in 1992.

He was also hired by the WGN to be a post-game television analyst, and he used to earn a significant amount of money from his post-baseball career works as well. He was then hired in 2005 by Comcast SportsNet Chicago for the same position. He was the leader of his team in 1987, but later on, his position was too can take in by Harold Baines. Then, Harold was taken over by Carlton Fisk.

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