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Bill Moseley Net Worth

The popular Hollywood celebrity that we will tell you about today is an American actor and musician named William Moseley. He is one of the most popular celebrities in the Hollywood industry, and his pictures are very famous all across the globe. He was starred in very popular cult classic horror films and some of the masterpieces given by him our house of thousand corpses, repo! The devil subjects. He started getting popularity in the Bollywood industry by his roles in the texas chainsaw massacre 2. He played the role of Chop Top in this particular movie.

More about Moseley

William Moseley was born on November 11, 1951, which makes him 69 years old today. The birthplace of William Moseley is Stamford, Connecticut, United States. He is an actor and musician by profession and is still active in the Hollywood industry, contributing to several music and film careers. He is married to Lucinda Jenny, and they both were married to each other in 2017. He has led a very successful career in acting and has managed to earn a lot of net worth to date. He is named in the most successful Hollywood Celebrities even though he is not active in the Hollywood career nowadays.

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About his career

If you talk about the career Bill, he was not always an actor. He worked as a journalist, and he wrote several magazines like national lampoon, psychology today, and many more. When he was just 29 years old, he first appeared in a movie named endangered species, and he got the role of a cab driver. After that, in 1985, he got the character of quilt face in the movie Osa. After struggling a lot, he got the third role which made him very popular in the Hollywood industry when he appeared as Chop Top in the texas chainsaw massacre 2. Tobe Hooper directed the movie, and therefore, he again reprised his role in 2000, and the name of the movie was the American massacre.

Personal life

Williams Lee was born in Stamford but bought up in Barrington Hills. The name of his parents is Virginia Gillette, who was a generalist and S.D. Mosley was a member of Yale corporation. His father was also the captain of the Yale football team, as well as later on, he got the post of chairman and the chief executive. If you talk about his grandfather, his name was George Moseley, and he was also an active football player at Yale. He completed his graduation from the Yale University and has two daughters whose names are Marion Mosley and Jane Mosley.

Mosley was not only an actor but was also a singer. He was the leader of Cornbugs, Which was a very popular free man band. The band operated in the United States from 1999 to 2007 and the name of other artist-world Buckethead and Deli Creeps. He also gave a very popular album with Rani Sharone, and the name of the album was no way down in which they called as spider Mountain.

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