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Charles William Mumy Jr. is a trendy American actor along with acting; he has also got considerable skills. He is also a writer and musician. Due to his general considerations and roles in science-fiction movies. He did not join the Hollywood industry when he was an adult, but he was just a child. He also got popularity from a very early age when it was in 1960s. First appeared as a child performer in television in movie series like the twilight zone as well as Dear Brigitte. He was also an active part of the three-season series in 1960s named lost in space, and the role which she got in this particular series was of Bill Robinson.

More about bill

The full name of Bill is Charles William Mumy Jr., and he was born on January 1, 1954, which makes in 67 years old today. He was born in San Gabriel in California, United States, and he is an active actor, musician, and writer as well. He is married to Eileen Joy Davis, and they both tied the marriage note in 1986. He was awarded the Inkpot award in 2015, and he also has got his own website. Bill is famous as a musician, and along with it, he can play guitar as well. He is a very popular songwriter as well as composer at the same time, which makes him a diversified talent in the Hollywood industry.

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The name of his parents was Charles William and Muriel Gertrude. His father was a cattle rancher. He was just six years old when he started his career as an actor, and he has also worked in more than 400 television episodes. During his lifetime, he has worked in 18 films and, along with it, in various commercials for many famous brands. As he is a very popular songwriter, musician, and recording artist, he has given several hits to the Hollywood industry, which are popular all across the globe as well.

Voice acting career

As he is an actor and also a very popular singer, he gave his voice to over 50 episodes of art and entertainment channels biography series. He has also narrated some very popular documentaries for A & E animal planet network. If you want to hear his voice talent, you can watch some popular shows like Scooby-Doo, Batman-the animated series, Animaniacs. These are not only the only series to which he has provided his voice, but there are several others as well. He made a remarkable contribution to the voice acting industry as well.

Personal life

Bill is married to Eileen Joy Devis, and they both got married on October 9, 1986. They are currently living in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. They both have two kids of their own, and the name of them is Seth, who was born in 1989, and Liliana, who is born in 1994. He is a very popular artist in the Hollywood industry, and he has also written several comics. He is a very good friend of Miguel Ferrer, and along with him, he created Comet Man and Crypto the Acid Dog.

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