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Bill Nighy Net Worth

The trendy American actor that we are going to tell you about today is the one who has given 71 great years of her life to the American Hollywood industry. His name is William Francis Nighy. He was very well famous for his performance in the movie Love Actually, released in 2003. He has worked as Billy Mac in this particular movie. There are several other notable cinema roles that he has given, and one of them was Davy Jones. Along with this, he was the one who played the role of Viktor in the Underworld movie series, and he also worked in the movie Still Crazy 1998.

More about bill

The full name of Bill is William Francis Nighy, And he was born on December 12, 1949. It makes him 71 years old today, and his birthplace is Caterham, England. He is an actor who is present in the Hollywood industry since 1976 date, and he was married to Diana Quick in 1980. He has also got a child named Mary Nighy. He is an English actor, and the name of his mother was Catherine Josephine Nighy. His father’s name was Alfred Nighy, who used to manage car garage. His father was not always a car garage manager, but before this, he looked after his chimney sweeping family business. Bill worked as altar boy, but he was brought up in a Roman Catholic family.

Also, have to other siblings, and the name of his siblings are Martin as well as Anna. He studied at John Fisher School in Purley. He was not only studying in school, but he also became part of the theatre group which was designed in his school itself. When he took off from the school with two levels, he decided to work with Croydon Advertiser. After working as a messenger, he, later on, wanted to get training on stage and film, and therefore, he entered Guilford school of acting.

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Beginning of career

When he has completed his two seasons of working in everyman theatre, Liverpool, Bill decided to move to London, and there, he made his first debut. He appeared in the Illuminatus! It was the beginning of his career as a popular actor, and then he appeared in the premiere of David Hare, and the same was premiered in the national theatre. 1980 was an outstanding year for him, and therefore, he got to work in many television productions.

Personal life

If you talk about the personal life of Bill, he had a very good connection with Diana Quick, and therefore, they both had a daughter together named Mary Nighy. She is also an active actor, and she was born in 1984. The board decided to separate in 2008. He also has a very complicated hereditary problem that can cause contracture of the fingers. He is a very good supporter of gender equality, and this came out when he was interviewed in 2016 by the DIFF film Festival. He was also given a name in the 50 best dressed by the Guardian in March 2013.

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