Bill Plante is a world-famous veteran journalist and reporter for CBS News. In 1964, he connected with the network, and recently, he has worked for CBS. Along with working as a correspondent, he regularly worked for CBS Evening News and CBS This Morning. He continued to work for CBS for around more than 50 years, and now he is retired. In this journey with CBS, he covered 1965 voting rights marches to Alabama, from Selma being a correspondent for CBS.

Additionally, he has served multiple duty covering the War in South Vietnam. The first tour that he did was in 1964, and his last tour was in 1975 through the Fall of Saigon that was the end of the war. Bill Plante even anchored CBS Sunday Night News for many years, from 1988 to 1995. CBS News celebrated his retirement in 2016 on 17th November.

Early Life

Bill Plante was born in 1938 on 14th January in Chicago, Illinois. His parents raised him in Park Ridge, Illinois. His father was an employee in Hollub Heating Company in Chicago. Chicago was the home state of Bill’s parents. After completing higher school studies, Plante joined the University of Loyola to acquire a Humanities degree. Later in 1959, he completed his graduate studies and went to the University of Columbia for further studies. He chose political science as his main subject and completed his degree in political science.

Career Beginnings

The career Bill has been a great journey. After first when he completed his studies, he wasn’t sure about his future. His knowledge in political science was excellent, that it helped him to choose journalism as his career. Bill didn’t acquire a good job at first, and he wasn’t satisfied, but later, because of his superb skills, he got selected in CBS. At that time, he chooses to dedicate his career to CBS as he loved the work that he does passionately. He has served around 52 years to CBS, and his journalism career has been excellent and rewarding. People across the world recognize him for his excellent skills. He even reported for administrations of three or four presidents. In 2016, he retired from his career.

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Personal Life

Bill Plante married in 1987 to Robin Smith. His partner is an award-winning documentary producer. Before Robin, Bill was married to Barbara Barnes Orteig. They met when Bill used to work as a producer for NBC news. Bill Plante has six sons from his marriages, including Dan Plante and Michael Plante. Bill is also the stepfather of Chris Plante, who is globally famous for being the host of radio talk shows.

Net Worth

Bill Plante has worked as an anchor, and his annual salary is estimated to be approximately $72,507. It is estimated that he has accumulated good wealth, but the exact net worth of Bill is not known. if there are any details, they would be updated

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