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Bill Spadea is an American businessman as well as a television host. He is recently working as the host of the show for new jersey 101.5 from the year 2015. You need to know that in the year 2004, he was also the Republican nominee for the United States congress in new jersey. Spadea is currently hosting the chasing new jersey and was also college republican national committee chairman. Bill Spadea is also the host of a show named morning drive show on the channel new jersey 101.5.

Early life

William G. spadea was born on March 25, 1969. There is no information available about the name of the father and mother of spadea. He was graduated from the Boston University in the year 1991. You might not be aware that he is an ex-united states marine who received a very honorable release in 1999. You must know that bill spade has also worked as the elected chairman in the college republican national committee.

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Career beginning

Spadea started a program for registering students with the CRNC in 1993. It helped the CRNC for getting a grasp on the entire membership. He started this program just after his graduation, and this was the beginning of his career. Bill spade had contact with the membership with the help of a national newspaper which was named broadside, and it was delivered to a massive number of college republicans in the nation. He assisted the efforts of the hundreds of you, which helps in changing history by electing the republican congress. This was done for the very first in 1994.

If we see his overall career, then it can be noticed that bill has done a little bit of every kind of thing in his career of more than 20 years. Before he started media, bill served as an executive in the industry of real estate for almost 18 years. In this work, he did the coaching, recruitment and selling of the real estate. He still has this license of brokerage in various states, which includes new jersey, Massachusetts and Washington.

When he was a candidate, then his campaign got ranked 17th position from the 157 GOP challengers. Bill got 40 percent of the total vote which was over 115000. In his show, he has bought a unique type of viewpoint to the news and the format of talking in which he serves as a political analyst, strategist, candidate as well as business executive. From the year 1999, spadea is working as a corporate vice president for career and education development in the industry of real estate.

Personal life

Bill is married to Jodi, and they live in Princeton with their child. He has a son named Michael, who is currently attending the local public high school. His daughter named Elizabeth, is living in London as she is completing her graduation from the university of arts.

Net worth

The net worth of the bill spadea has been increasing significantly from the year 2020 to 2021. The estimated net worth of this successful television host and American businessman is between $100k to $ 200k.

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