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Bill Stevenson Net Worth

The actual name of bill Stevenson is john William Stevenson, and he is a famous American musician. Stevenson is a drummer, songwriter and constant member of California punk rock group descendants from its beginning. He is indeed a very popular musician and is well known all around the world. In December 1981, bill played in some concerts with the hardcore punk band, which is the black flag. After that, he also went on the record of several albums of black flag till year 1985. After this, he started to focus on the descendants and started playing with the band till 1987. He has released so many excellent albums, which was a pure hit.

Early life

Stevenson was born on 10 September 1963. You need to know that the excellent musician spends most of the time with his father while growing up. The father of bill Stevenson is Steve Stevenson. He says that his father is a cold man, but he was always there for him.

According to his sayings, his father worked 22 hours a day and returned home only for feeding bills and putting him to sleep. When Stevenson was of fifteen-year-old, then he worked as a fisherman for the Keith Morris. Stevenson went to the Mira cost high school where he found his friends and future mates of band that is descendants.

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Career beginning

In the year 1978, descendants were formed, and Stevenson was the original member of this band. The descendants released their single for the first time in 1979 that was named ride the wild, and it is a hectic world. After some time in 1982, they launched their very first album, which milo goes to college. After this album, Milo Aukerman, who was the singer of this band, headed to the college, and the band played very rarely.

This was the reason that Stevenson joined the other most popular band, the black flag. In 1985, bill Stevenson decided to leave the black fact and reform his own band, which is descendants. After some time in the year, 1988 descendants played very little after the Aukerman left this band again. Descendants were formed again and again till 2002. Stevenson started to play with the smaller bands until they all started to play shows again in the year 2008. 2010 was the year in which the descendants have formed again, and they came out stronger.

Personal life

There is not much information available about the personal life of bill Stevenson. But the one thing that you should know is that he has never tried recreational drugs in his entire life. In recent years the Stevenson has been facing some health-related issues. He had a brain tumor in 2008 from which he suffered for two years, and then it was removed. In the year 2016, Stevenson has also revealed that he went through open-heart surgery.

Net worth

The income source of the bill Stevenson is mostly from becoming a successful musician. The net worth of bill Stevenson is 3.8 million dollars.

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