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Bill Todman Net Worth

William Selden Todman, who was popularly known as bill Todman was a very successful American television producer. He was a big personality who was born in the city of New York. In his lifetime, Todman has produced so many television shows which ran for a long period. His business partner was Mark Goodson along him; he has developed the Goodson Todman productions. You might not be aware that he changed his name in a legal manner to William, which was after his uncle William.

Early life

Todman was born on 31st July 1916 in New York City, USA. The father of Todman was an accountant of wall street whose name was Frederick S. Todman CPA. His accounting firm was named Frederick S. Todman & co. It was located in downtown Manhattan. This firm has represented the big companies of the United States, which also included the New York stock exchange, American stock exchange, chase Manhattan bank and Eastman kodak.

His mother was Helena Todman. Todman was raised with his one younger brother in park avenue. He attended private schools and also went to the military academy. He went to Johns Hopkins medical school, which was located in Baltimore, Maryland; he completed his B.S. in psychology and chemistry in the year 1938.

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Career beginning

Todman partnered with mark Goodson for making the radio shows. In their early work, they have worked together for a show treasury salute which was a program that signified the treasury department that basically honored the military members. They also collaborated to produce the game shows on the radio, and then he moved to the television. On television, they produced the longest-running game shows. Some of his famous shows include beating the clock, card sharks. Family feud, what’s my line and password. After some time, Todman moves to the Goodson Todman for making a better business strategy.

Todman was the person who was responsible for diversity the Goodson Todman in the newspaper. Real estate business and the radio station. You will be amazed to know that the television business was perfect for him, but they didn’t earn as much money as his other business, which earned millions of dollars. he was a successful American TV producer. In 1979 he died on 29th July 1979, just two days before his birthday when he was going to turn 63. His production houses are still running. In the 1980 mark, Goodson took all the shares of the Todman of the company. You will be amazed to know that the Goodson Todman library of game-related shows is now a big part of Fremantle media.

Personal life

Bill Todman was married to Frances Holmes Burson and had two children named William Jr. and Lisa Todman plow. When he died, then he was buried at the mount hope cemetery, which was in the hasting on Hudson, New York. He was a true gentleman who was personable, successful, handsome and intelligent.

Net worth

The income source of bill Todman mainly was through becoming a successful producer. He was from the USA, and his net worth was very high, and it is approximately 12 million dollars.

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