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We are going to provide you enlightenment regarding a top-rated drama and musician who belongs to the English descent today. His name is William Thomas Ward, and he is the original drummer of British heavy metal and black sabbath. He has been a part of several popular albums during his lifetime, but two of the most popular songs that he has become a part of our it’s alright and the other songs from the album technical ecstasy named “swinging the chain.” He has led a very successful career as a drummer and is also a very popular musician all across the globe.

More about Bill Ward

Bill was born William Thomas Ward, and his birthdate is five May 1948, which makes him 73 years old now. He was born in eastern Birmingham, West Midlands, England. He is a magician and an active songwriter, and earlier, he was involved in the music industry from 1966 to 1984. Later on, he took a pause of five years and entered into the music industry again in 1989 and is active to date. He is working under the labels like Capitol. He’s a very successful and talented musician because of which he is also associated with the acts like mythology, Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, World one and Bill Ward Band.

He was very much interested in playing drums from childhood, and therefore, he used to listen to vast bands of the 1940s. He was majorly influenced by Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. Earlier, he was interested in learning music, but later on, he started to develop an interest because of which he was influenced by a lot of drummers in the industry. In the mid-1960s, he started playing the drum in a tiny band called to rest. There was also a guitarist named Tony, and later on, they both began to play in a band named mythology. It was just the beginning of his career, and later on, he changed the name of his own band and renamed it Black sabbath.

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Solo career

When he took a break in the middle of his music career, he started to develop an interest in music again and returned back to playing music in the 1980s. In 1989, he started working on his own solo album, and in this album, he wished to include a lot of guest musicians, which can make it incredible. There are several essential inclusions in this album because of which it became trendy all across the globe, and due to the broader contribution of different musicians, it was released seven years before his second album.

Net worth

Bill is a very popular English musician and is gifted by God with a wide variety of talents. He is also a visual artist and has managed to earn an estimated net worth of US$65 million. He was born in Birmingham, and he started getting attention from the people when he became a part of the band mythology. He reached great heights of success later on in his career, and it is all because of his hard work and dedication to music. In 1997, he suffered a heart attack and later on, he stopped performing. After this, he again started performing in 1999 and carried on his profession as a drummer.

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