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Billy Howerdel Net Worth

Billy Howerdel is a famous musician based in America. He gained prominence for being the founding member, singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer for bands like Ashes Divide and A Perfect Circle. Billy’s journey has been incredible as he recorded five acclaimed studio albums, and in 2008, his band, Ashes Divide, even released their debut album titled “Keep Telling Myself It’s Alright.”

Early Life

Howerdel was born in 1970 on 18th May in New Jersey, United States. He completed his higher studies at West Milford High School, New Jersey. He was fond of playing sports, and at the same time, he took great interest in the production class. Billy had excellent records as he was pretty active in all the extracurricular audio programs. These audio programs were the foundation for Howerdel for his audio technician pursuits posts his high school that helped him gain high-profile technician positions for guitar.

His high school teacher, Stephen Porcello, was the one who advised him to take the programs, and he took Billy to New York City and taught him lessons for his electric guitar. Howerdel mentioned attending the Pink Floyd concert when he was young as he always wanted to be in music. He spent many years of his life sound engineering for bands of New Jersey and worked as guitar technical for multiple bands before forming his own band, A Perfect Circle, that included Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and The Smashing Pumpkins Fishbone, Faith No More and David Bowie.

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Career Beginning

Howerdel worked along with Maynard James Keenan for Tool as a guitar technician and has done by recording for Aenima. During the tour, Billy played some of his songs for Keenan, and Keenan offered him to be the vocalist whenever Howerdel forms a band. Howerdel was so impressed with the vocals of Keenan that he accepted the offer and founded the band, A Perfect Circle and invited Keenan to be the vocalist.

However, Howerdel planned another new solo project named Ashes Divide, in which he handled all the instruments on his own in-studio except drums. He recruited Josh Freese for drums. He released his first single titled “The Stone” and gained radio play. In 2005, Howerdel wrote and recorded music for the very popular video game named Jak X: Combat Racing that also featured other songs of Howerdel by Dean Menta and Danny Lohner, along with musician Troy Van Leeuwen and Josh Freese.

Personal Life

Billy is married to his girlfriend, but the identity of his wife is a mystery. Billy has never shared anything about his family life, and no information is given about his children and family background. In an interview in 2008, Howerdel said he only drank occasionally and has never taken drugs but also practices Transcendental Meditation.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Billy Howerdel, a famous singer, musician and guitarist, is approximately $6 million. He has done many events and was also the co-founder of the band that helped him gather a good net worth.

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