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Billy Redden Net Worth

Billy Redden is one of the most charismatic actors in America and has played numerous famous and incredible roles. He has worked in numerous films throughout his career but is mainly popular for playing the backwoods mountain boy in Deliverance, which was released in 1972. He played the role of Lonnie, a teenager who played the Banjo in North Georgia and played ‘Dueling Banjos’. Billy has done fantastic work as an actor and is one of the respected and incredible artists in the industry. There are several surprising facts about his career and life that you can read in the following paragraphs.

Early life

Billy’s full name is Billy Redden, and he was born on October 13, 1956. He took birth in Rabun County, Georgia, United States. He is irrefutably an amazing actor and popular artist, but there is no much information available about his early life. There is no clear information about his parents, family, childhood and early education. All we know is his birthplace and date of birth.

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Career beginning

He started his professional acting career at the age of fifteen when Lynn Stalmaster spotted him. Lynn was looking for actors for the upcoming movie; Deliverance, and he was pretty impressed by Billy’ skills. So, he recommended him to the director of the movie, John Boorman. John wanted an albino child for the role, and Billy was not one of them, but still, he was cast in the movie. He was part of the popular ‘duelling Banjos’ scene. John believed that the unique and attractive appearance of Billy Redden made him the perfect choice for the role as he was skinny with a big head and cute eyes.

Billy didn’t know how to play the banjo, so he wore a special shirt in which a real banjo player was hiding, and the director took the shots from such angles that the player could not be seen, and everyone believes that Billy was playing it himself. The track had the Banjo music that is played with three-finger styles, but the hidden players were playing ‘Clawhammer’ style. In 1984, Billy appeared in Blast fighter, which was filmed in Clayton, Georgia. It was considered to be a mix of First Blood and Deliverance. After that, Redden was seen in Big Fish 2003, and in 2004, he made a guest appearance on the Blue Collar TV, where he played the role of a car repairman, Ray. Billy Redden’s first role became so iconic that he cast several times in numerous movies as a banjo player as it became his trademark.

Personal life

If we talk about the personal life of Billy Redden, there is no enough information available about it. He kept his personal life away from the limelight, which is the primary reason that there are no details available about it. He currently lived in Dillard, Georgia and worked at Walmart. He is currently single and is not seeing anyone.

Net Worth

Billy Redden had a short career, and his net worth is around $50 thousand.

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