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Bob Proctor is an outstanding author who is recognized popularly as a philosopher. He earned name and fame for his work in “You Were Born Rich.” His book became the bestselling book for which he is being recognized. Bob has also contributed to a film entitled The Secret. Proctor’s material maintains the idea that one’s self-image must be positive to obtain success in the world, and this references the Law of Attraction.

People often criticize the law of attraction and the saying that positive thinking or dreaming is a threat as it manipulates things. Some experts believe that people must always choose to think positively instead of medical intervention. No apparent evidence has been discovered that supports the law of attraction, and it is therefore referred to as pseudoscience.

Early Life

Bob Proctor was born in 1934 on 5th July in Toronto, Ontario, and he said that in his interviews, he was a kid or a teenager with no ambitions and poor self-image. He suddenly dropped out from his high school without having any plans for the future. He used to work in Toronto in a fire department, and there he met a man that shared his knowledge about a book titled Think and Grown Rich. This became the first book that Bob Proctor read in this life. Literally, after reading this book, his life changed, and he started to work on his self-image and life.

He was ambitionless, and after reading the book, he started to do even small work like cleaning floors to earn money and pay off the debt. He was motivated to start his company that offers cleaning services, and he earned a reasonable sum of money without having any experience and formal education. At that time, Bob realized that real education comes from reading books, and that was the time when he started to read books.

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Career Beginnings

Bob started working with Nightingale-Conant Organization, and Earl Nightingale directed him. While working in an organization, he got to learn about human development and inspiration. He worked hard on learning, and the result was that he published his own book titled “You Were Born Rich” in 1984 that was discovered by Rhonda Byrne that gained media attention.

Through Bob’s words and material, he aimed at letting people know their inner self and self-worth. Inner-self can make you reach on top of the world, but if inner-self started controlling you, it could result in a bad paradigm and bad self-image, which may ruin your education and training. His main aim is to focus on self-development and make people aware of the Law of Attraction and not on academics.

Personal Life

Bob is married to his girlfriend named Linda, and they have a son as well called Brian Proctor. His son also followed the footsteps of Bob and became an author.

Net Worth 

Bob Proctor is the best author and motivational speaker based in America. The estimated net worth of Bob Proctor is approximately $20 million.

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