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Bob Weir Net Worth

Robert Hall Weir is an American prominent songwriter and musician who is popular as the “Grateful Dead” rock band founder. 

Personal life

Weir took birth on 16 October 1947 in San Francisco, California. Weir never got engaged in his life in the years when he was associated with the Grateful Dead band. Though, he was living with Frankie Hart from 1969 to 1975. Hart is a “go-go dancer” by profession who performed in New York’s Peppermint Lounge. Also, Hart performed in Shindig! And Hullabaloo TV shows and worked for the American Apple Records marketing department. Purportedly, she was the motivation for the “Sugar Magnolia” song by Bob Weir and Robert Hunter. He met Hart during his first show for the Grateful Dead band in 1968 in New York. When he met her, she was Frankie Azzara (her old name from a past marriage) but considered using her name as the stage one’s which was “Frankie Hart” (where she borrowed her last name as Hart). Both never got married but she took his last name when living with him and was known by “Frankie Weir.”Weir got married to Natascha Munter on 15 July 1999 in Mill Valley, California. Both got blessed with two loving daughters Chloe Kaelia Weir and Shala Monet Weir. 

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Weir was associated with HeadCount, Further Foundation, and Rex Foundation as their on-boarding directors. Also, he has a connection with the Jerry Garcia Foundation as an advisory board member that he shared with Seth Rogin and Peter Shapiro. He was a board of directors’ honorary member in the Rainforest Action Network, an environmental-based organization, and shared his membership with Bonnie Raitt, John Densmore, and Woody Harrelson. He remains an honorary member in the board of directors list for an NPO (non-profit organization) “Little Kids Rock.” The organization avails children with free access to instruction and musical instructions in the public schools under-served in the US. 


Being “Grateful Dead” rock band’s founding member, he earned huge recognition with other band members. In 1995, Grateful Dead came into a disbanded position. After this, Weir started performing with “The Dead” (The Other Ones) with Grateful Dead’s former band members. In his career phase with and after the Grateful Dead band, Weir played and founded some bands like Furthur, Scaring the Children, Kingfish, Bobby and the Midnites, RatDog, and Bob Weir Band wherein he was a co-leader with Phil Lesh (bassist in the former band Grateful Dead). 

In 2015, Weir and other former band members of Grateful Dead including Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart came together with the Grammy award-winning guitarist/singer star John Mayer, Jeff Chimenti (keyboardist), and Otei Burbridge (bassist) to introduce a new band “Dead & Company.” The band is in an active state now. 

In his career life associated with the band Grateful Dead, Weir came up with the rhythm guitar mostly and released some country & western and rock-n-roll songs. In 1994, he got introduced in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” being the Grateful Dead band’s member. 

Net Worth 

As per 2021 records, Bob Weir holds a net worth of above $35 million. He attained his wealth from his singing career. 

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