Boogie 2988 Net Worth

Boogie had made his career as a Youtuber. He is more commonly known as Boogie2988. He is best and most widely known for the Video games that he used to upload on Youtube. He had the Nerd Culture with a character named Francis. He is otherwise designated as Boogie2988. He had uploaded many videos on his Youtube channel, for which he had made gained much popularity. In his channel, he had got the Gold okay button and overplayed button. 

Boogie 2988’s Early Life

When Boogie was born with Steven Jay Williams, he was born with the name Steven Jay Williams. He was brought down on this earth on 24th July 1974. He was born in the land of St. Paul, which is in Virginia, US. When he was born, his father was working as a Coal Miner, and his mother was working as a teacher. He is blessed with two siblings. Whenever he was asked about his childhood, he described it as a Sad phase of his life. When he was small, he suffered from Obesity. He didn’t have many friends with which he can’t able to shared his feelings. He also gets physical abuse from his mother. In tthe year 2017, on 1st August, he was suffering from thr Gastric Bypass Surgery. He has done his schooling at the St. Paul High School in Virginia. He had attended the University of Virginia College. He didn’t complete his graduation and left it in the between. After that, he shifted to Fayetteville, which is in Arkansas. After moving to the place, his condition changes somehow. After turning his city, he started his YouTube career and began making videos and posting on social media. 

Boogie 2988’s Career

He had started to make the video on the Stereotypes of video Games. He has produced many videos based on Trending Video games and Reaction and Culture videos. He had made his character in his early life based on his experience. He had the Embodying gamer stereotypes. He had won the Trending Gamer award, known as The Game Awards, in 2016. In the year 2016, his Youtube account was hacked. He had got the unidentified person through his phone number in the Verizon in the Vidcon. But the problem got solved within one week of the problem that he had a creation. In 2018, he faced Scrutiny because of the Relationship. He had met the controversy for that. He had collaborated with the Many Other Youtubers, which resulted in his company’s terminations from him. He had made the Television series known as Supersize vs Superskinny. He had done the films known as Did You Know Gaming, Your Grammar Sucks, Super planet Dolan, Crash Zoom, and Youtuber Reacts. 

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Boogie 2988’s Personal Life

He got married to Desiree in the year 2013. He had faced serving depression when his mother tried in the year 2009. After his mother’s death, Desiree shifted to Arkansas to stay with him. But after some time, she had filed for a divorce from him. She had waited until he had done with his Gastric Bypass surgery. They finally separated their ways on 13th February, 2018. 

Boogie 2988’s Net Worth

Boogie had a net worth of $1.5 million, which he has gained from his YouTuber career. He had earned this amount from his hard work and the dedication that he had done. He has also been awarded many awards that he had kept with himself. 

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