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Booker T Net Worth

Booker’s real name is Booker T. Huffaman Jr. He was born and brought up on this earth on 1st March 1965. By profession, he is a well-known wrestler. He had kept his name as Booker T. He had his ring name as Brooker T. He is also a wrestling expounder and a commentator. He was labeled under the WWE. He is the owner of the Wrestling Reality, which is present in Texas. He was declared the best wrestler of his time by his colleagues. He was well known World Heavyweight Champion.

Early Life

His real name is Booker T. Huffman JR. He was born on this earth on 1st March 1965. He was born in Plain Dealing, which is present in Louisiana, in the US. He was the minor child in his family. He had seven siblings. He had faced a lot of struggles in his childhood. When he was only 16 years old, his parents died. After that tragic incident, he stayed with his elder sister, three years more aged than her. She used to take care of her brothers gathered sisters. He also had his brother, whose name js Lash, “Stevie Ray.” He was very much in his school, and he used to play the drum. He also loved to play football and basketball.


He used to work in a storage company. He was working for him and his son. His brother gave him the idea to loon after the Wrestling school, which was opened. The school was under the guidance of Ivan Putski. There Brooker was under the direction of Scott Casey. He had kept his ring name as the Black Snow, Booker, Booker T, GI Bro, King Booker, Kole. He was under the guidance of Ivan Putski, Scott Casey. He is well known for the World Championship Wrestling. He had done a total of 35 championships. He was known as the Most decorated and innovative wrestler in WCW’s past history. He holds the record of multiple Times world champion. He had won around six times. He was also on the wall of fame in the WWE Hall of Fame on 6th April 2013. He had gained the Tag Team Award in the year 2018. He had also done the GWF Tag Team Championship, and his opponent was Stevie Ray. He had also done the LVPW UWF Heavyweight Championship. He is regarded as the most King of the Ring, Sixteenth Triple Champion. He is also considered the worst television announcer in the year 2017 and the most underrated championship in 2002.

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Personal Life

He married Levestia on the year 23rd May 1996. But their relation didn’t work well, and they filed for divorce on 8th May 2001. He had his son from his girlfriend from school, Brandon. Then he again got married to his long-time girlfriend, who’s name is Sharmell. He became the father of two children. His son was Kendrick, and his daughter’s name was Kennedy.

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $5 million, which he gained from his wrestling career.

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