Bret Michaels Net Worth

Bret Michaels was born on 15th March 1963, and he is a prominent American musician, songwriter, actor, and producer. He gained much prominence with Poison, a rock band where he was a frontman. They together have gathered about fifteen million record sales in the USA alone. The band also has had ten singles receive the Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 charts. Six of these landed themselves in the top ten, and one was in the first place. He has also provided solo soundtracks for numerous television shows and movies, such as A Letter from Death Row.

Early Life

Bret is originally from Pittsburgh, and he grew up in Pennsylvania. He has attended the Mechanicsburg Senior Area High School, and he has two sisters, Nicole and Michelle. He also claims that his parents originally wanted to leave him with a middle name called Maverick. He has had a diagnosis of Type one diabetes since the age of six when he fell sick and stayed in the hospital for three weeks.

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Career Beginning

Michaels commenced his guitar career by forming a band with Rikki Rockett as a teenager. Soon, one of the members, David Besselman, left the band and was replaced by Matt Smith in 1983. They formed a new band that they named Paris, and it was based in Pennsylvania. The crew tried to play melodies at the bar circuit of Pennsylvania and changed their name to Poison. They made a shift to the Sunset Boulevard scene in Los Angeles, seeking some prominence. Bret then met Tracy Lewis, and she was his girlfriend and a muse for some of his most remarkable songs. The band was still struggling to find recognition, and so they returned home, dwindling. Bret then left the band, and the members replaced him with DeVille, and he was Bret’s good friend and a conflict origination. The band released their first album in the 1980s, and it was named, Look What the Cat Dragged In. The album went under the carpet for music critics because of the rock-saturated industry. The album finally fell in widespread eyes in 1987, and the band filmed a music video named Talk Dirty ToMe. The album won a platinum certification, and the band came to widespread prominence.

Poison also appeared on the Madison Square Garden as the limelight performance. Michael took an insulin injection before the show started, but he was incredibly nervous and neglected food. Several set songs made Bret tired, and he fell down while on stage because of an insulin shock. The media, however, spun the reports and alleged him to be a drug addict, and he supposedly collapsed from an overdose. The shadowed words made Michael more inclined to become public with his diabetes. He also dissolved his relationship with Tracey, and she thought fame changed Bret.

Personal Life

He had a reality show named after him, and he proposed him on and off partner of sixteen years on the final episode of his performance. Kristi Lynn and Bret have two daughters together, and they separated in 2012. Bret was also involved with another actress named Pamela Anderson. He was involved in a lawsuit with Tony Awards and CBS after being stuck on the head with a descending set. The initial injury was just a broken nose, but he sued CBS and Tony Awards after it came out in reports that he had a hemorrhage.

Net Worth

Bret Michaels has a net worth of approximately sixteen million dollars.

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