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An American youtube star and rapper

Bryan Quang Le alias Ricegum is a famous youtube personality and a rapper, which is just 23 years old. Being a kid, his yearly income was found to be 1.5 million dollars running his own. He became a famous youtube star through the’ These kids must be stopped’ video and later on, he released many videos on ‘must be stopped’ which is a grand hit among youngsters. He has recorded plenty of youtube videos along with his mother.

Early life

Ricegum was born on November 19th, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Though he is born in America, his parents are from Vietnam. So he looks like an Asian and Chinese. He was elder to both of his brothers and sister. Ricegum pursued his college atthe University of Nevada in 2015, but left his studies in the year 2016, as he was interested in starting a youtube channel.

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Ricegum started his first youtube channel in the year 2012. He made videos on ‘call of duty’, which is a gaming video, but it was not quite famous. In the year 2015, the video ‘these kids must be stopped ‘got everyone’s attention, and after that, he released a series of videos in the same name, through which he earned more money. He has made different videos on the same name with many kids and trendy concept. Bryan Le is one of the members of the YouTube star.

Ricegumextra is also another YouTube channel, which is not that much known, as he does not upload any videos on this channel. So, per day the channel earns only 30 dollars. Ricegum’syoutube channel became more famous when and it was in the 80th position on Billboard Hot 100. Next to James Paul, Ricegum is the only you-tuber to reach this position.

His rapping music mostly disses tracked other famous you tubers including Jake Paul, Gabrielle Hanna, and Danielle Bregoli. His diss tracks were downloaded and viewed by more than millions of users. He has attained number 80 0n Billboard Hot 100 in the year 2017. He obtained Harvard Scholarship in the same year. In the year 2018, his youtube videos hit millions of views and earned 10 million YouTube subscribers.


Apart from releasing owing a YouTube channel and a member of YouTube star, Ricegum didn’t havean interest in other fields like writing, acting, etc. But his videos attracted 4,000,000 plus Instagram followers, 2,000,000 plus Twitter followers, 2,000 plus Google + followers, 8,000,000 plus subscribers and 245,000 plus Facebook fans.

Ricegum net worth

It was estimated that as of October 2020, the net worth of Ricegum is 10 million dollars. His annual income is 1.5 million dollars. In addition to this, he sells t-shirts that are designed based on his YouTube videos for his fans.  His t-shirt rate is $25-$45. His number of YouTube subscribers has been increasing day-by-day and it is expected that his net worth might double in the future. Though initially, his gaming YouTube videos did not prosper, his diss tracks musical raps made him reach number 80 in Hot Billboard 100.

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