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Planning a wedding is not easy, which is why most brides prefer to work with planners. However, if hiring a wedding planner is not within your budget, you can still do it on your own. Here are some tips that will help you to plan the perfect wedding:

Ask for Help
Although it is your wedding, your family and friends might take offense if you do not ask for their help. To make your big day go smoothly, you should consider asking the closest friends and family members that you trust for help. They can help you to choose the best wedding dress from sites such as

Long Distance Venues
Even if you do not like where you grew up or currently live, you should not stray from your neighborhood because you might end up with fewer guests. Moreover, choosing people who live farther away will affect your schedule. If you are planning a destination wedding, you should not expect many people to attend it.

Pick Your Best Maids
Throughout the entire planning process, your bridesmaids will be the biggest help. When choosing your bridesmaids, you should opt for old friends instead of people that you have only known for a short while. Close relatives, long-term friends, and your sisters should form the majority of your bridal party. Moreover, you do not want to look at your wedding album years later and wonder where everyone went.

Plan Early
Even if your wedding is a year away, you need to start planning early. The earlier you start, the less stressful your big day will be. Additionally, having a clear plan from the beginning will make it harder to forget important things. Start with the guest list, budget, and insurance before you move on to other things.

Nail the Budget
You should not spend any money until you create a realistic budget that will not bankrupt you. Do not forget the smaller details when writing down your budget. You need to consider additional costs such as those of dress alteration in case you find a lovely dress that does not fit quite right. All the little costs add up quickly – so you need to be careful.

Book a Qualified Photographer

A wedding album is the biggest reminder of your big day. For this reason, you need to look for a photographer who knows what he is doing. Do some research to find a person that will understand what you are trying to achieve.Taking photos before D-day is the best way to get to know your photographer. You can also practice the best poses before the wedding.

Have a Plan B
Even if you do not want to think about it, something might go wrong on your big day. A problem can be caused by anything from rain to traffic. To avoid disaster on the most important day of your life, you should have alternate plans for each scenario. This way, if something does go wrong, you will be ready for it instead of panicking.

Don’t Overdo It
Obviously, you want to look great on your wedding day, but you should not overdo it. For instance, you should avoid strict diets that might make you sick. If you want a confidence boost, you should consider visiting the gym and eating healthy. Whatever you do, remember that your groom fell in love with you just as you are.

Planning a wedding without professional help is not easy, but the above tips will come in handy. Make sure that you start planning your wedding at least six months in advance to avoid a last minute rush.

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