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Bugha Net Worth

Kyle Giersdorf is known as Bugha. He is more popularly known as Bugha. By profession, he is a gamer. He got his fandom by doing the Fortnite in esports channel. He earned more fandom after winning the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. He also runs a Youtube Channel, which had crossed 1 Million subscribers in that channel. He had won many championships. 

Early Life

Bugha was brought up in this world in the year2002. He was born in the United States; He holds the nationality of American. After his birth, he was living in Pennsylvania. He got his name from his grandfather. In his childhood, he used to call him “Bugha.” He was introduced to Fortnite when he was small because his father was also a gamer. His father had told Bugha about the “Save the World.” From his childhood, he was very much keen on games. He used to play them frequently and score a good score. So he decided to make these games his career.


When he completed his playing with the team No Clout, Bugha joins with the sports organization known as Sentinels. In the year,2019 he was a member of the Fortnite team. He then passed and attended the 1st Annual function of the Fortnite World Cup. This function was held on July 26th 28th, 2019. He was qualified with 99 other players; He led with 59 points, and he was in the 1st Position. Then Epic Games gave a present to Bughaas, the Fortnite Icon Series. After winning, there was an incident which was occurred to him. His Twitter account and Twitch account got hacked. A user changed his voice in his Twitch account and asked to follow his Twitter account. The hacker sent offensive messages on his Twitter and retweeted some of the messages as mean and nasty. So then he managed to save his report from the hackers. In 2019, he had done the “Bugha -Stories from the Battle Bus.” In which he had played the leading role. He had also won the Fortnite World Cup in the year2019. He had also won The Game Awards In the year2019. He was nominated for Best in Gaming in the year2020. He also had a YouTube channel in which he had 4.46 million subscribers. He got a total of 232 million views on his track.

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Personal Life

Bugha was born to Darcy Geirsdorf and Glenn Geirsdorf. He was very much close to his father and grandfather. That’s why his family kept his name as Bugha. His grandfather called this name. He was single till now, and he is not interested in having any girlfriends. He is more focused on his games. He wants to be a successful gamer in the future, and he doesn’t want any commitment to anyone.

Net Worth

Bughaholdsa’s total net worth of $5 million. He earned from his game. He is very young to have this much net worth, and sure he will be very successful in the future.

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