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C Berdon Lawrence Net Worth

The birth of the famed man Berdon Lawrence took place in Lake Charles. He is one of the most talented people in the domain. Currently, Lawrence is president of L3 and was chairmen of the board for Kirby. The man was the president and founder of Hollywood marine, and it is a company that deals in tank barge and towboats. He was also a wildlife assistant and had many achievement records in his name. 

Early phase!

C Berdon Lawrence was born in Lake Charles, and later, he graduated from Tulane Campus in 1964. He completed his schooling in the town where he was born and got quite good grades in that. He always dreamed of making money, and he did the same after graduating from his campus. His father was working as an employee in a local office near his house. 

Charles Berdon Lawrence decided his career when he was 18 years old. He worked and studied hard to fulfil his ambitions. His current status tells that he was a hardworking man and made a lot of efforts to be successful. 

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Commencement of his career!

  • After completing his graduation, he was starting to serve as chairmen for the board of Kirby in 1990. He later becomes the founder of Hollywood marine at a young age. If you are thinking about what is meant by Hollywood marine, it is a privately owned company that operates tank barge. Later this private company decided to merge with Kirby Corporation. He earned a lot of success in this field, and later, he decided to move to a new sector. 
  • He started serving as chairmen of the Inland Waterways Users Board and also the National Waterways Conference. Later he decided to involve in several organizations of the committee, including the Galveston Bay Foundation. He was a man with a busy schedule, and after all this, he did not decide to stop. He chose to be the trustee of the Baylor College of Medicine Board. 
  • Moreover, he also did this for some other universities like St. Martins Episcopal Church. Currently, Lawrence is serving as the Chairman Emeritus of Waterways Council. Lawrence decided to marry Rolanette and has two sons, Heather and a daughter. The name of his sons is Mark and Charles. Moreover, he has six grandchildren, and all of them love him.  

Net worth!

Charles Berdon Lawrence is one of the world’s wealthiest people, with a net worth of 66.7 million dollars. However, his net worth keeps on fluctuating after some time. Lawrence has made more than 37 trades of his company Kirby. Since 2003 Kirby stocks are on the list of most sold stocks. A total of 13,200 units of KEX stock has a net value of $869,484 on 30 April. 

His most extensive trade ever trades made by him was selling 107,600 units of Kirby stocks which gave him a total worth of $3,690,680. All these numbers were enough to make him popular among people. Lawrence has not quit anything, and he is still running behind making money. 

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