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Carol Burnett was born on 26th April 1933, and she is a prominent American comedienne, actress, writer, and singer. She is most evident for her work in a groundbreaking comedy variety show named The Carol Burnett Show, and it was airing originally on the CBS channel. This show became an original genre-defining act hosted by a woman. She has been a successful entertainer in television, stage, and movies in various genres for comedic and dramatic roles. She has also made appearances as a panelist and on various American game shows. Her breakout happened through Once Upon a Mattress, and she received a nomination from Tony Awards for her excellent performance.

Early Life

Carol Creighton Brunett is originally from Texas, and she is a daughter of a movie publicity writer named Ina Louise. Her dad’s name is Joseph Thomas Burnett, and he used to work as a movie theatre manager and was prominent in the movie industry. Her grandparents from the maternal side were Mabel Eudora Mae Jones and William Henry Creighton. Both her mom and dad were addicted to alcohol badly, so she grew up with her grandmother for a long time. In the late 1930s, her parents divorced, and she moved with her mother and grandparents to a small apartment in Hollywood in California. They resided in a boarding house, and Carol’s half younger sister lived with her, named Chrissie.

When Carol was in the subsequent grade, she invented another sister who was imaginary named Karen. She later recalls a moment from her childhood when she taught herself to do the Tarzan yell that performed as a good vocal exercise for her. Burnett’s superior experiences with singing happened with her family as her grandmother could play piano and was a trained musician. Her mother was skilled with the ukulele, and they performed popular songs together around their kitchen table. Her grandmother also loved movies and took Carol and Chrissie to film frequently.

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Career Beginning

Carol opened The Rehearsal Club Revue with some other women from a boarding house who had serious careers after spending her first year in NYC doing hat-checking and failing to get acting opportunities. They mailed invitations for their show to agents, and some even came with superstars such as Marlene Dietrich and Celeste Holm. This opportunity opened doors for them to find independent performance opportunities. Then, she found an acting role in the Jerry Mahoney and Paul Winchell show in 1955. She also performed in a children’s show on a prominent children’s program.

Personal Life

Burnett was married to Don Saroyan in 1955, but they divorced in 1962. Then she married a television producer named Joe Hamilton, but their marriage did not last for long, as they ended up divorcing in 1984. Carrie Hamilton had severe problems with drugs, and Carol ended up acquiring lung and brain cancer later in her life, which transformed into pneumonia. She used to be a remarkable actress and singer. She later married Brian Miller, who was twenty-three years younger than her.

Net Worth

The current approximate net worth of Carol Burnett is about 45 million USD. She has performed in over eighty-two movies and theatre productions, and her last performance was in 2020, which earned her about 300,000 USD considering its performance on Netflix.

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