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Cedric Benson Net worth

The footballers have attained massive popularity in the entire world. One of the very popular players who has reached new heights is Cedric Benson. He has always given his best and made several achievements through his football skills. The player has a great interest in playing football from his childhood days and given his best in the entire gameplay. A very sad incident occurred. He died in a motorcycle accident on August 17. Here are some of the general facts that will give you a clear idea about his life and other life achievements.

Early life

Benson was born on December 28, 1982, and his real name was Cedric Myron Benson. His place of birth was Midland in the Texas region of the United States. He basically belonged to America and was having a high interest in playing football. He studied in the Abell Junior High School in Midland, where he spent his entire school life. He had a great football experience with 8432 rushing yards, where he won three consecutive state championships. Basically, he had a role as the centre fielder on the baseball team. We can say that he had achieved a lot even in his teenage days, which indicates that he had a great time in the baseball game. He attended the University of Texas in Austin and started playing college football. Benson got his major in Social work and sociology from the same university.

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Career beginning

Benson started his career by entering the baseball team. Basically, he played for the Los Angeles Dodger in the 2001 MLB draft. Then he also got a chance to play with Gulf Coast League Dodgers . he has a great baseball career as he has five hits ad 1 home runs which made him the best baseball player in his team. After his fantastic career in college baseball, he got a chance to enter the Chicago bulls. He played so well and became the fourth pick up. This was a great moment for him as he signed a deal with the Chicago bulls, which was worth $35 million.

Unfortunately, it was not a good start for him as he did not get a good playing time because of his injury. 2007 was the year when I become a regular player for the running back position in the team. After getting released in 2008 due to alcohol arrest, he then got a chance to sign a contract with Cincinnati Bengal. He gave his level best in this session which leads to an extension of his contract.

Then 2012, he also signed a one year deal with green bay packers, which was his final season in the NFL.

Personal life

If we discuss the personal life of Cedric Benson, then there is not even a little idea about his relationships. He has a full private life and always tried his level best to keep it away from the public. But he has been arrested for various criminal charges in several cases. When he was met with an accident, his body was found with women at the death scene.

Net worth

The net worth of Cedric Benson is estimated at $85 million.

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