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Charles Levin Net Worth

Charles Levin was a popular American actor who worked in several TV shows, stage acts, and movies. He was mainly popular for playing the role of Elliot Novak in the TV series; Alice. He also appeared in the Hill Street Blues between the years 1982 and 1986. Suddenly, in the year 2019, his son filed a report that Charles Levin was missing as they didn’t hear from him for over ten days. Police started their investigation found Charles’s car in the Northeast area of Selma in Oregon. His dog, Boo Bear, was also found dead inside the car, and one day later, Levin’s dead body was also discovered. Around five days later, his dead body was also found. He was 70 years old when he left the world.

Early life 

Charles Levin was born on March 12, 1949, in Chicago, Illinois. His full name is Charles Herbert Levin, and his family belongs to the USA. He belongs to the white ethnicity. Nothing can be said about his parents as there is no information available about them. People are highly interested in knowing about his life and childhood, but to their disappointment, there is minimal information available about the early life and education of Charles Levin.

Career beginning 

If we talk about the career of Charles, it began with stage acting as he participated in several stage shows. With his incredible skills and talent, he soon started getting roles in TV shows and movies. He has appeared in numerous movies but is mainly popular for the role of Elliot Novak, which has spayed in the TV series Alice. Soon after his introduction to the show, he becomes a regular part of its 9th season. He also played the role of Mohel on ‘The Bris’ episode of the popular show Seinfield and Coco. He also played a Gay Cook in a pilot episode. He was invited as a guest in several TV shows, and some of them are The Twilight Zone, Punky Brewster, Night Court, L. A Law, and many more.

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Personal life 

Charles Levin was married to DeHetre, and they also had three children. The name of their children is Ben Levin, Kate Levin, and Jesse Levin. His wife died in a tragic accident in Los Angeles in the year 2007. It is the only information available about the personal life of Charles Levin. He never revealed much about his personal life in public which is a major reason that you won’t get to know much about his love affairs and other aspects of his personal life. His fans almost forgot him, but they were shocked to get the news of his death. He was found dead after his son reported that he was missing for more than ten days. Police said that nothing could be said about his death until the doctor examines the body and find out the real cause of death.

Net Worth 

Charles Levin was a successful actor and worked in several popular TV series and movies. He earned a massive amount of money throughout his career. However, no clear figures are available when it comes to his net worth.

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