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An American rapper and record producer

Chief Keef is a famous American rapper and record producer, who was born on August 15, 1995, in Illinois, Chicago. His other name is Keith Cozart. He is an inspiration to many hip-hop youngsters, including Li Pump. The area where Chief Keef lived was a place of criminals, where illegal business was conducted. He has faced many tragedies due to the area, in which he had lost the lives of his family. Later on, as he moved to Los Angeles where his life met with glorious changes.

Early life

Even at his younger, say five years, Keef had tremendous interest in music. He used to entertain his family and other loved people, by playing music with his mom’s karaoke machine. At the age of 16, Keef released many mixtapes and attracted a wide range audience. Some of the mixtapes are The Glory Road and Bang through which he earned money. But unfortunately, due to holding of illegal weapons at his grandmother’s home, and for usage in public, he was house arrested at his granny’s home.

This stressful situation made him post many musical albums on youtube, and I Don’t like got 30 million views, and he was paid for his work. By posting several songs on youtube, earned the love of many people and especially he was attracted by famous rappers Big Sean and Kanye West. By the time he was released, the two rappers had remixed his song, and he became very famous at the age of 17. From there, his career started were many recording companies were standing in a queue to get signed with Keef.

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Career and achievements

Keen was signed with Interscope Records, where he was offered 6 million dollars for releasing three albums. In the year 2013, August 15, on the day of his birthday, he had released Bang Pt.2 Almighty Sosa, as his birthday treats to the music lovers. In the year 2015, Sorry 4 was released.

He has also started Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE), from he earned $ 440K. As a kid, it was a great achievement by Keef, who earned $40K for every show!!After 2015, there were no shoes or songs from Keef, and he announced that he is going to retire from the rap world. In the year 2017, he released Two Zero One Seven. In the year 2014, a marijuana dispensary named Glo Gang Weed Shop was opened by Keef in Compton. There Chief Keef OG strain was being sold for his fans.

Keef collaborative works

Keef believed in the fact that instead of working as a solo artist, teaming up with the best will earn name and money. And it worked for him also. This made him successful and wealthy, and some of the works include, Rick Ross, 50 Cents, Young Jeezy, and Kanye West.

Keef Net worth

Even as a teenager, Keef was able to make $45-50K for every show, and his net worth was found to be 2 million dollars. Chief Keef became the well-known user of hang w/ live streaming app, where he used to preview his new music, thus promoting the app’s worth to $2 million.

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