Christopher Knight Net Worth

Christopher Knight was born on 7th November 1957, and he is a prominent businessman and actor from America. He is well-known for being in The Brady Bunch and playing Peter Brady in the 1970s. He has become a successful television personality and businessman and has made an appearance in several television programs since 2005.

Early Life

Christopher Knight is originally from New York, and he was born to Edward and Wilma Knight. His father was an actor and is an Austro-Hungarian Empire descendent, while his mother is Jewish.

After finishing work in Brady Bunch, Knight did performances in guest roles on TV shows such as The Love Boat, Happy Boat, Curfew, Just You and Me Kid, The Doom Generation, Good Girls Do Not, and Nowhere. He has collaborated with the former artists of The Brady Bunch in a Christmas spin-off series named A Very Brady Christmas. Before working in Brady Bunch, he found some occasional roles in several series, including Mannix.

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Career Beginning

Knight described himself as a Geek in 1988, and he started pursuing a career in the computer business after leaving the acting industry. He found his foremost opportunity as a sales account manager in Martec Inc. and landed the first million-dollar sales deal with the company in the first eighteen months of his post. He has earned the name Employee of the Year and then became the Design System Sales and Marketing Vice President in a company named New Image Industry in 1989.

He helped create a pioneer designing software named Visual Software in 1991 and found Kidwise Learningware in 1995, and he manufactured intuitive academic products. He joined a keyboard manufacturing company in 1996 and became vice president of IXMicro by 1997. He found his TV tuner company named Eskape Labs which was later purchased by Hauppauge Computer Works.

Personal Life

Knight has married four times, and he proposed his third comprehensive Adrianne Curry on the finale of VH1’s Fair Brady. The show got a renewal and has aired another season where they prepared the wedding of the couple. The wedding took place in Joliet, which is the hometown of Adrianne. There was a considerable age gap between them, and so they argued with each other a lot. He finally went to an episode of the Dr. Phil talk show where they spoke about the issue. The episode aired in 2007 September, and Dr. Phil predicted that their hurtful comments could result from their impending divorce. The manager of Knight, Phil, finally announced in 2011 that the couple will be separating and the date of separation will be the fifth anniversary of their marriage. Curry finally announced that they have finalized their divorce on an Attack of the Show episode on G4. Later, in 2016, Christopher married his fourth wife who is named Cara Kokenes.

Net Worth

The current average net worth of Christopher Knight is about ten million dollars, and he has earned most of it from his acting and production work. He used to make a lot of money from his computer science business, and he has also tried his hand in the wrestling arena. He is one of the most discussed American personalities.

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