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Christopher Paolini Net Worth

Christopher’s actual name is Christopher James Paolini. He had chosen his career as the author and Screenwriter for the films. Hus one of the most recognizable works is “The Inheritance Cycle .”It had consisted of eight books of the short story collection. He was living in Paradise, where he had done his first story. He recently wrote a book known as To sleep in a Sea of Stars, released on 15th September 2020.

Early Life

Christopher was brought down on this Earth on 17th September 1983. He had cried for the first time in Los Angeles in California, US. He was raised in Paradise Valley, which is present in Montana. He was taken birth from Kenneth Paolini and Talita Hodgkinson. He had a sibling whose name was Angela Paolini. He was being homeschooled and not attending the offline in the school. He had completed school at the age of 15. He had done his correspondence from school from the American School of Correspondence. He had done his post from Lansing, which is present in Illinois. His parents helped him a lot in his career. 


He had started working when he was only 15 years old. He had published his novel, which was named Ergon. The book was the first published book of his work. The book was based on the Mythical land of Alagaesia. In 2002, he had published his book under the agency of Paolini International LLC. His parents helped him to post to the reader. For the sake of his book promotion, he had trekked many school libraries. He used to dress up in a red shirt and Black pants. In 2006, Fox released the film which was known as Eragon. The film was not that great and got very negative comments from the critics. The film gained around $249,488 around the budget of $100,000,000. He used to take inspiration from J.R.R Tolkein and E.R Eddison. He said in an interview he got most inspired by Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville. He has written many books, such as Eragon, published in 2003, Eldest, released in 2005. He had written another book known as Brisingr, published in 2008, Inheritance, published in 2011. He wrote with another writer, such as Eragon Guide to Alagaesia, published in 2009; The official Eragon coloring book was released in 2017.

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Personal Life

Currently, he is not dating anyone. He is recognized as the most versatile writer. He is just more focused and wants to grow more in his career. He wants to keep his private life more secure and not spread in all media.

Net Worth

He is a great writer who had penned down in his career. His hard work and dedication towards this work cannot be measured. He holds a total net worth of $30 million from his writing career. 

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