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Damon Wayans was born on fourth September 1960, and he is a prominent stand-up comedian from America who also works as a producer, writer, comedian, and actor. He is one of the Wayans entertainment family members. Wayans has also done performances as an actor and comedian through the 1980s, and he also did a sketch comedy series skit on SNL. His true breakout was as a performer and writer in FOX named In Living Color from 1990 till 1992. He has also done work in an animated series called Waynehead, running on the WB Kids block from 1996 till 1997. He also has a television series named Damon, which was released in 1998. He has starred in various television shows, films and wrote and produced in My Wife and Kids, Major Payne, The Last Boy Scout, and Beverly Hills Cop. He starred as Roger Murtaugh from 2016 till 2019 on television series named Lethal Weapon.

Early Life

Wayans is originally from Harlem, situated in NYC, and he was born to Elvira Alethia and Howell Stouten Wayans. His mother was a singer and homemaker, while his dad worked in a supermarket as a manager. He has five children named Vonnie, Elvira, Kim, Nadia, and Diedra. He also has four other brothers named Marlon, Keenen, Dwayne, and Shawn. As a child, he was affected by club footing, which is a phenomenon where one or both legs of a child are twisted inwards like a club, and it requires years of treatment. This attribute was glorified in the short-lived Waynehead cartoon series and in the sitcom My Wife and Kids. Damon has gotten his education from the Murry Bergtraum High School.

Career Beginning

Damon commenced his comedy routine in 1982, and one of his earliest movie appearances was in an Eddie Murphy movie from 1984 named Beverly Hills Cop. He then made a year-long appearance in Saturday Night Live from 1985 till 1986 as a featured performer. He then got fired after making an appearance for eleven episodes and improvising during a live performance. He played the character of a flamboyant gay cop.

Wayne was not enjoying the character performance, and he later stated that he wished to be fired because of this. Wayans also explained that Lorne Michaels was not interested in Wayans doing a lot too soon and compared him to Eddie Murphy, who just got done with the show and left.

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Personal Life

Wayans was foremost married to Lisa Thorner, but they divorced in 2000. He currently has four children with her named Cara Mia Wayans, Damon Wayans Jr., Kyla Wayans, and Michael Wayans. He was detected with Type 2 Diabetes that he disclosed in 2013 January. He also defended Bill Cosby from his sexual abuse accusations by stating that it is a money hustle.

Net Worth                                 

Damon Wayans has a current approximate net worth of about 35 million dollars. He is currently active in the motion picture industry, and he works as a comedian and actor. He also became the most prominent producer of Wayne Head from Warner Bros in 1996, and he has also served in the 413 Hope Street drama series as an executive producer.

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