Dan Avidan Net Worth

Dan Avidan is a popular musician, singer, comedian, songwriter, and actor. He is quite popular over the Internet for his diverse talents and is better known by the stage name Danny Sexbang. He is also a part of the popular duo; Ninja Sex Party who does musical comedy. He also hosts a Let’s play Series named; Game Grumps along with Arin Hanson. He is one of the members of the Video-game based music comedy group with Wecht and Hanson. The trio is named; ‘Starbomb.’

Early life 

Dan was born Leigh Daniel Avidan in Springfield, New Jersey. His date of birth is 14th March 1979. He has two younger siblings named Avigdor Avidan and Debra Schwartz. He spent his childhood in Springfield, but his father was born in Israel and gave his service during the Yom Kippur War. Later he shifted to America and met Dan’s mother. His younger sister Dana works as an executive style director for the popular media company; PopSugar. Dan completed his graduation in 1997 from Jonathan Dayton High School. He started studying advertising at the Boston University in Massachusetts. Later, he got a chance to join a Tufts University Satellite Campus through a student exchange program in France. There he studied epidemiology and botany.

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Career beginning 

Dan’s career started when he joined an Indie Rock band after seeing an Ad in 2002. He was the lead singer of the band and also wrote most of the lyrics. In 2005, he released an EP with the band, which was recorded at World Café Live in Philadelphia. But in 2005, the group split as there were some creative differences between Dan and other members of the group. Later in 2006, Avidan joined hand with Peter Lennox and formed a rock band duo, Skyhill. Dan was again the lead singer and lyricist for the duo and released an album titled; ‘Run with The Hunted.’ They separated after touring New York in 2008 but came back together once again and launched; ‘Firefly.’

In early 2009, Dan met Brian Wecht, and they formed a musical comedy duo, ‘Ninja Sex Party. They worked a lot on the characters and settled on Avidan playing ‘Danny Sexbang’ and Wecht playing; ‘Ninja Brian.’ They performed at the Stripped Stories, which helped them gain massive popularity. The group has released numerous singles, albums and some of them have even ranked on the Billboard charts. They debuted their live TV with the ‘Late Night Talk Show Conan’ and performed the censored version of ‘Danny Don’t You Know.’

Personal life 

Recently in March 2021, he was accused that he has groomed an anonymous woman, and chats and videos related to it were posted on Reddit. But later, all of them were removed as the poster felt that there is no solid evidence to prove the claims. Later, Dan accepted that he had a physical relationship with the woman, but he claimed that she was 22 years old at that time.

Net worth

Dan Avidan has earned a considerable amount of money as his net worth stands at $3 million.

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