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Danny Duncan Net Worth

Danny Duncan is a well-known name on the video-sharing platform YouTube. He is a successful YouTuber as well as a businessman and has gained massive popularity with the videos he posts on YouTube. He posts different types of videos on his YouTube channel, but he is mainly famous for his skateboarding, prank, and vlog videos. Along with being a popular YouTuber, he is also a talented musician and actor. He tasted success quickly after joining YouTube as his video got viral in no time, helping him to gain a massive following.

At present, he has around 5 million subscribers on YouTube. His most successful video is ‘Falling with 30000 Pennies,’ and it has received more than 15 million views. His channel is growing rapidly, and he can be one of the top YouTubers if he keeps on creating good quality content.

Early life

Danny Duncan was born in Englewood, Florida, on 27th July 1992. His mother’s name is Susan, and she brought him up single-handedly as she got separated from his father when Danny was a child. He spent his childhood in Florida with his mother. He also has two siblings; one brother and a sister. He is immensely attached to his sister, and he also gifted her a new car and also posted its video on his YouTube channel. He completed his graduation from the Lemon Bay High School located in Englewood, Florida.

He saw her mother struggle a lot to bring him up, and it motivated him to do something good with his life and be successful. It was the primary inspiration behind creating a YouTube channel.

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Career beginning

After completing his graduation, Danny got a job at Walgreen. He left the job after a few months as he was not satisfied with it and wanted to do something. It was after quitting the job that he got the idea to start a YouTube channel. He started his YouTube career on March 6, 2014, when he created the channel. In the beginning, he used to post videos related to skateboarding and ways to fix ankle injuries.

He got a chance to train Jason Lee, and he was the one who recommended Danny to try acting. Following his advice, Duncan started making funnyvideos and also collaborated with other popular YouTubers. It gave a significant boost to his career and made his channel earn millions of followers.

Personal life

If we talk about Danny‚Äôs personal life, he is single and has no plans to get into a relationship soon. However, he posts several pictures with girls on social media but has never revealed anything about his love life. Some of his prank videos, such as gifting his mother a penis-shaped mailbox, didn’t go well with the viewers, and he received a lot of criticism because of that.

Net Worth

If we talk about the net worth of Danny Duncan, it is around $4.5 million, according to the latest reports. Along with YouTube, he is also involved in several other media sites, which brings him a good amount of income.

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