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An American musician, singer, writer, and director

Dave Grohl is a famous American rock musician, who is well versed in singing, writing, and directing. Initially, he was being recognized as a part of Nirvana, a famous music band. Later with his mind-blowing talents, found a famous rock band, Foo Fighters. He was born on January 14th in the year 1969 in Warren, Ohio. But he continued to show tremendous interest in music, while he was raised in Washington, D.C. He became very through his astonishing music performance in the musical industry.

The early life of Dave Grohl

Dave had a deep interest in learning guitar, as he used to attend rock music shows along with his cousin brother. He used to practice on his own and learned many tricks and tactics by learning himself and watching those shows. So, even when he was in high school age, he used to participate in many local music bands by playing the guitar. By joining the music bands, he also learned to play the drums.

At the age of 17, Dave participated in the audition conducted by the music band Scream, and he got hired for the position of a professional drummer. It was his first stepping stone in his career he was with the band till he was 21 years old.

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Later The Scream band got split up and there came Nirvana, a music band, which was operating in Seattle. Dave was invited to Nirvana for an audition, and he got selected in the audition. From there, Nirvana reached its heights due to Dave’s mind-blowing performance as a drummer. Later on, Nirvana signed a deal with DGC Records, and in the year 1991, Nevermind was released, which is a grand success across the globe and helped the band earn a lot of money.

One of the members of Nirvana and a friend of Dave, Kurt Cobain died in the year 1994, Dave felt very depressed, and he recorded 100s of music in the memory of Kurt and distributed those cassettes among his friends for free. When one of this tape, reached the executive of Capitol Records, he signed a deal with Dave for his recording and from where the famous Foo Fighters band emerged. It is from there Dave had got good reach, and the band made many successful and astonishing performance, which was across the world. Through this music band, Dave earned tons of money and became the wealthiest person.


Dave and others in the Foo Fighters music band, sold tons of renowned music albums like There Is Nothing Left to Lose in the year 1999, One by One in the year 2002, and lots more. The entire band earned tons of money through this grand success. Dave hit the list of the wealthiest drummer in the world, where he stood in the third position. He was invited as a guest on many TV shows due to his outstanding talent in music. He is also a person who treats fellow people also equal.

Dave Grohl net worth

Though his music band Foo Fighters, Dave earned a tone of money, and it was estimated that Dave’s net worth was around 320 million dollars. He is the third wealthiest drummer in the world, with a wealth of 280 million dollars. Currently, he is working on directing a music-based documentary film named What Drive Us, which is expected to get released shortly.

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