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David Benioff Net Worth

David Benioff was born on the twenty-fifth of September 1970, and he is a prominent writer, producer, and director from America. He has collaborated with DB Weiss to create Game Of Thrones showrunner, and he has also written it. He is also prominent for helping write City of Thieves, 25th Hour, Troy, and X Men Origins.

Early Life

Benioff is originally from New York City, and he was born in a Jewish family where he was the youngest of three children. His ancestry lies from Germany, Romania, Austria, and Russia. He is the son of a former head of Goldman Sachs named Stephen Friedman. He is also a cousin of Marc Benioff, a Salesforce founder and software entrepreneur. He has two sisters older than him named Caroline and Suzy, and he spent most of his early days growing up in Peter Cooper Village of Manhattan and later shifted to 86th Street. He eventually moved near the United Nations Headquarters when he was sixteen and studied at Dartmouth College and Collegiate School. During his time at Dartmouth, he acquired membership of the Phi Delta Alpha Fraternity and the Sphinx Senior Society. After finally graduating in 1992, he became a San Francisco Club Bouncer and then taught for the Poly Prep High School English for two years. Benioff was interested in pursuing an academic career, so he studied at Trinity College for a single-year program to study Irish Literature. Then, he met DB Weiss, who also became his collaborator and allowed Benioff to write Samuel Beckett’s thesis at Trinity. After leaving his career as an academic, he also worked as a radio DJ to make a writer’s retreat. This side job lasted for a year, then he joined California University to do a creative writing program after reading The Pittsburgh Mysteries. In 1999, he ended up achieving a creative Master of Fine Arts certification from the same university.

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Career Beginning

For the 25th Hour, Benioff spent two years and originally titled it Fireman Down. He later completed this book as his master’s degree thesis at the Irvine university. Then he was asked by Tobey Maguire to transform this novel into a screenplay for preliminary trade copy. The movie adaptation of 25th Hour was directed by Spike Lee and had Edward Norton playing the lead role. Benioff Published When The Nines Roll Over, a collection of short stories, in the year 2004. Then he drafted Troy, his mythological epic screenplay, and got paid about 2.5 million for it by Warner Brothers. He has written the script for Stay, a psychological thriller directed by Marc Foster in 2005, which starred Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. His second collaboration with Foster happened with his screenplay adaptation of The Kite Runner.

Personal Life

Benioff married Amanda Peet, an actress, on the thirtieth of September 2006, and their marriage was a traditional Jewish Ceremony that they held in New York. Benioff has three children, and they have two homes in Beverly Hills and Manhattan, where they constantly shift in-between. Marc Benioff, the software entrepreneur, is his cousin.

Net Worth

The current approximate net worth of David Benioff is about 200 million USD.

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