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David Draiman Net Worth

If you are fond of heavy metal music, you must know about the popular music band; Disturbed. David Draiman is the lead singer of ‘Disturbed’ and has a unique baritone voice with an amazing singing style. He is a songwriter and singer from America and got the 42nd position in the ‘Top 100 metal Vocalists of All time’ in the year 2006. He has also written some of the most popular single tracks of ‘Disturbed’ such as ‘Indestructible,’ ‘Stupify,’ ‘Inside the Fire,’ etc. In the year 2011, David started working with Geno Lenardo, better known as ‘Device,’ on an Industrial metal music project. They also released an album in collaboration in 2013. After a gap of one year, ‘Disturbed’ came back with an Album titled; ‘Immortalized’ and ‘Evolution’ in 2018.

Early life 

David was born on 13th March, 197, in Brooklyn. His full name is David Michael Draiman in New York. His father worked as a Real Estate Developer and got arrested for Embezzlement when David was mere 12 years old. His father later stood for the elections of Mayor of Los Angeles in the year 2013, 2017, and will be there in 2022. David spent most of his childhood in Israel and attended five different schools. He attended schools like Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study in Milwaukee and Valley Torah School in Los Angeles. He formed his first music band in that school only. Later, David joined the Ida Crown Jewish Academy located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Career beginning 

After completing graduation, David started working as an Administrative Assistant in a healthcare place. After working for a year, he got his administrator’s license and started running his healthcare center. He ran that business for over five years before he joined ‘Disturbed’ and signed a deal with Giant Records. He left the job of a healthcare administrator, which was not liked by his grandfather and spoiled his relationship with him.

David told in an interview that ‘Kiss’ Destroyer’ was the first record he bought, and he was initially inspired by music bands like Black Sabbath. He used to focus on bands likes Pantera, Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc. There were semi-metal bands, and it helped him a lot to learn about music. Then he started moving towards music groups like ‘The Ramones,’ ‘The Misfits’ and ‘Sex Pistols.’ His interests kept on changing with the evolving era of music. He used to buy records of different bands, but his favorite records were ‘Nirvana,’ ‘Alice in Chains’ and ‘Soundgarden.’

Personal life 

David Draiman is married to the popular WWE Diva, Lena Yada. She is an American model and worked as a wrestler, backstage interviewer in World Wrestling Entertainment; WWE. They also have a son named; Samuel Bear Isamu Draiman, who was born in the year 2013. During the elections, David supported Bernie Sander, who was stood against Donald Trump. He is also a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people.

Net Worth 

David is one of the most popular and successful heavy metal vocalists, and his net worth is around $10 million.

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