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David Duchovny Net Worth

David William Duchovny is the name which was given by his  parents. He holds the career choice of actor and well present writer and producer, and director. He has various career titles in his name. He is more famous for playing Agent’s role in the series “The X Files”. For his work, he had earned many awards. He was won the Golden Globe Award in his career. Besides doing the films, he had done the English Literature graduation. This degree helps him in the writing section.

Early Life

David’s actual name is David William Duchovny. He was brought down on this earth on 7th August 1960. He was cried down in the land of New York, US. He was the gene of Amram Ami Ducovny and Margaret Ducovny. His father chose his career as a writer, and his motherboard chose school office work. His father works on the Jewish committee. Meg was an expatriate from Scotland. She was from the Aberdeen, which is in Scotland. His father had the entry of Polish and Jewish. He had done his schooling from the “THE COLLEGIATE SCHOOL FOR BOYS .”The school was present in Manhattan. He was the classmate of the famous personality John F. Kennedy. In his school, he was the chief boy of the school. He had graduated from Princeton University. He had graduated in the subject of English literature.


He had started his career in the year 1987. He had done his work in the ads of a beer known as Lowenbrau in 1987. H had chosen the role of Denise Bryson in the series Twin Peaks. He had done the narrator’s part in the show in the TV Series, known as Red Shoe Diaries. After doing that, in the year 1992, he had involved in the character of RollieTotherohin, the famous biographic film known as Chaplin. He had done the insignificant role in the movie known as Beethoven. He had worked in the science fiction movie known as “The X Files .”From 1987, he was in the careEr, line of acting. In the year 2015, he had worked as a career line singer and writer. He was more famous for the role of Fox Mulder in the series “The X-files .”He was more famous for another role known as Hank Moody in the film, known as Californication. He had also seen in the music album is known as Hell or High water. He had seen in other music albums such as Every Third Thought and the Gestureland. He won the Most Popular Award award in the National TV Awards. 

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Personal Life

He got hitched to the tree, Tea Leoni, on 13th May 1997. The couple parted their ways, and David got the Sec treatment. The couple was blessed with the daughter Madeline and Kyd Miller.

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $70 million, which he had gained from his acting and writing career.

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