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David Goggins Net Worth

David Goggins was born on seventeenth February 1975, and he is a prominent ultramarathon runner, triathlete, ultra-distance cyclist, author, and public speaker from America. He has been in the US Navy Seals, but he retired and has also served for the Tactical Air Control Party in the US Air Force when he was serving in Iraq War. He has released a memoir in 2018 which is named Can’t Hurt Me.

Early Life

Goggins is originally from Williamsville, and he was born to Jackie and Trunnis Goggins. He was living in New York with his brother and parents together. His father had a skating rink, and Goggins used to work there with his father. David and other family members suffered a lot of abuse from his father, so they decided to run away with his mother. He has documented the incident in his memorabilia named Can’t Hurt Me. He first started working in the Air Force but took a small-time off after his discharge, during which time he worked as a pest control agent before enrolling with the American Navy. He first applied for the Pararescue division in the Air Force, and he failed the ASVAB twice before being finally accepted.

Career Beginning

David launched Special Operations Warrior Foundation after noticing that several of his friends passed away during Operation Red Wings, which happened in 2005. The foundation helped the children of fallen spec ops soldiers to receive good education and healthcare. David also competed in several challenges that tested endurance, including the Ultramarathon of Badwater, which he partook three times. The championship helped him raise more than two million dollars for the Spec Ops Warrior Foundations.

He entered the Ultramarathon of Badwater to raise money for a fundraiser, but the organizers told him to do a qualifier ultramarathon first. Goggins then joined a San Diego Ultramarathon that lasted 24-hours in the San Diego Hospitality Point. He ran over a hundred miles in nineteen hours and six minutes. He has also qualified for the Boston Marathon after securing a completion in the Las Vegas Marathon. He entered a Hawaii-based marathon named the Hurt-100, where he received an invitation of Badwater-135, where he came as the fifth overall competitor.  

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Personal Life

He was in his training process when he received his sickle cell trait diagnosis and deemed him unsuitable for the procedure. He did get an opportunity to return to the training but chose not to but instead did training for the Tactical Air Force Control Party for the US Air Force and worked for them till 1999. He later retired and then graduated from BUD/S after failing twice and finding a spot in the Seal Team 5. In his 20 year career, he joined Afghanistan and Iraq and then graduated from the Army Ranger School.

Net Worth

The current approximate average net worth of David Goggins is about 2.5 million USD, and he has grossed most of it from his professional running career. He is not really new to the game but has achieved significant success. He has also served in the Navy and Airforce, so he will definitely receive the pensions from those regards.

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