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The Dax is a very popular artist who has gained huge popularity as a YouTuber. He was born on March 22nd, 1994, in the Ottawa region of Canada. Some people recognized him as the Dax, while others knew him from the name of Danial Nwosu jr. The artist is mainly popular for his kind and motivational behavior, which has put him limelight without facing a long struggle life. There are several things which make him different from the other artists and for getting an idea about them you will be required to give attention to the points mentioned in the below lines.

Early life

The father’s name of Dax is Danial Nwosu, but there is no information about her mother. Even he has not disclosed anything about his family or siblings, which is because he wanted to keep his life private. If we talk about schooling, Dax attended Sunrise Christian Academy for pursuing higher education. For higher studies, he moved to Casper College and then went to the University of Montana. He earned his degree from Newman University. The surprising thing is that he was having more interest in sports rather than music. The reports suggest that he was one of the best basket players in his team and even got a mark of MVP in a senior year.

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Career beginning

Dax started his career as a motivational speaker when he was in his college days. He was also having a good interest in spoken-word poetry, which influenced him to start his career as a rapper. He decided of uploading some of the tracks on his YouTube channel. Some of his songs include black in America. These songs do not offer him good fame until he launched a song entitled Cash me Outside. You will be surprised to hear that the album got 20 million views.

The songs which make him earn good fame from the fans are She cheated Again, and rap god Freestyle. The main break he got in his career only because of his YouTube channel, as he has 1.5 million subscribers at present. He had a mindset that only he has the power of making himself popular.

Personal life

If it comes to the personal life of Dax, he has always been a secret person who was not ready to reveal even his little matters in public. As there is no confirmation about any of his relationships, it is clear that he is a single person. It is because he has not spotted anyone. The amazing thing about Dax is that he still loves to play basketball with his friends and close ones. He has an endless number of a tattoo on his body because he is a tattoo lover.

Besides this, the artist has been involved in several scandals with various artists. He had one incident with Tory Lanez regarding one of the music tracks. The entire video of the incident was uploaded on Instagram.

Net worth

The net worth of the tax is estimated at $9 million.

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