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Dc Young Fly Net Worth

DC Young fly is an American national actor comedian singer and rapper. He’s also very popular in the YouTube as he’s a viner and post a lot of videos on the YouTube as well.  He has also made appearance on the MTV’s Wild ‘n Out. Also, he hosted the comeback of MTV‘s TRL on October 2, 2017.

Early life

The beginning of DC young‘s life was not just as a star. He was born in Atlanta on 2ndMay, 1992. The birthplace was Georgia, US.During the high school of BC young, he was considered to be a trouble maker and therefore he was called as class clown. He used to sell dope in his high school which was Benjamin E Mays high school.

The name DC young fly came from a group that he as well as his friends used to call them.2011, his brother was killed and he was then determined to start a career in the wrapping. You also got a tattoo referring DC (Da Crew) on forehead in the memory of his real brother. After this, he also started making vines in which used to roast popular people and also many comedy stars.

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DC Young fly, also has a bad name which is John Whitfield. it was about 2011 when he lost his friends and started to concentrate on making a career in wrapping and got his tattoo DC. In 2013 and 14, he started making vines. He is also a very good writer and therefore he has a lot of his writings in the market nowadays. Also, he had a lead role in a movie which is named as digital lives matter. This movie was directed by Terry J Vaughn.W in the movies by DC Young fly was made in 2016, November. The first movie that he did was Almost Christmas. His character was Eric and the movie was directed by David E Talbert.

Personal life

DC young fly is considered to be very popular nowadays but the life before fame was pretty much simple. He started his on winning back in 2013 when an application was officially being announced.When it comes to family, the family of DC young fly is pretty much small and happy. He is a native of Atlanta Georgia.

He also posted a video of surprising his mother with a Mercedes Benz which he owned with his own earnings.Coming to the personal life, he also has two daughters named nova and Nala. He’s still not married but these daughters are from his girlfriend who is the co-star of wild ‘n out cast. The name of a girlfriend is Ms Jacky Oh.

Net worth

The net worth of American rapper, actor, singer and writer DC young fly as $2 million. Everything that he has nowadays is earned by himself. He does not have any property and worth from his father or grandfather. Also, he is very popular over the social media which is a great source of his earnings like YouTube.

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