What is Quantitative Trading

Quantitative trading involves trading crypto, forex, stocks, and other tradable assets while relying on quantitative analysis strategies. Quant trading is a market strategy that uses statistical and mathematics methods to assess opportunities. Once professionals identify a profitable technique, they use mathematics to create a model then develop a computer program to execute the trades. Of course, the program is tested first before it can be implemented to execute huge trades using real money in a real market.

This type of trading was mostly used by large institutional investors. But now, this strategy can be used by anyone, especially when trading crypto assets. Quant traders leverage mathematics, comprehensive databases, and modern technology for making effective trading decisions. Additionally, quantitative analysis features measurement and research, which help to change complex patterns to numerical numbers.

Why you need Quantitative Trading

The volatility of cryptocurrency is huge. Because of its small market size, it is easier to be manipulated. In the face of the large ups and downs of the crypto market, it is becoming more and more difficult for investors to make the right choices to invest in. In this context, quant trading came into being. It is an excellent choice to reduce losses and save time and effort.

Overcome emotion trading– The main reason why people choose quantitative trading is to overcome emotional trading. Quantitative trading removes fear and emotions from the trading equation by allowing investors to execute trades based on a predesigned strategy.

Automate analyzing, monitoring, and executing effective trading decisions- Traders can take profit and stop loss to no longer worry about the next crash or spike.Quant trading can help you keep an eye on the whole process, and can monitor multiple targets at the same time.

Fast transaction speed– can quickly capture fleeting profit opportunities.

Limitless data points- The key benefit of quant trading is that users can analyze a large market across unlimited data points. Quant traders are able to use mathematics to tackle the factors. On the other hand, traditional traders use few factors to analyze the market.

Gate.io Quantitative Trading

With 8 years of operating experience, the advantages of Gate.io are self-evident, including high security, high liquidity, strong stability, many currencies, etc. Gate.io owns 700+ cryptocurrencies and 1000+ trading pairs that are rare in the market can be found and traded on it. When it comes to ROI, Gate.io Startup ranks No.2 worldwide. As for safety, there is no doubt that Gate.io is the first exchange that provides 100% margin verification for users through blockchain signature and Merkel Tree. This is why more and more people love this platform.

As a world-renowned crypto exchange, Gate.io offers several quantitative trading opportunities through its platform. If you are not an experienced trader, you can copy strategies from pro traders with just a click of a button using the one-click copy trading feature. You can also create your strategies and backtest them before putting them on the actual trades. So far, the total investments that rely on the Gate.io platform have exceeded over $300 million. 

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All Kind of Quantitative Trading Strategies

Classic grid- This utilizes the most basic trend, which is buying low and selling high

Futures grid- Profit from the markets automatically by making long/short trades

DCA- Competes with time on a bull market trend

Margin grid- Multiply your profits with less devotion

Dynamic Rebalancing- Lower your risks by spreading your portfolio and benefit in the long run 

Infinity grid- Set a boundary of the price

MACD- This uses real-time data to short on the death cross or long on the golden cross

MACD-RSI- This is a combination of both RSI and MACD trading techniques

Double Moving Average- Best for the slow trend-changing market as it tracks and shorts on the death cross while long on the golden cross.

Dual Average RSI- This is a combination of the RSI and dual moving average.

Custom strategy- You can customize your strategy based on your most trusted indicators.

Start your Quantitative Trading

Gate.io is one of the most reputable and established platforms. If you are looking for a platform to use the best quantitative strategies, this is the best platform. Follow these simple steps to start your quantitative trading on the Gate.io Platform. 

1. Sign up

2. Deposit your capital

3. Visit https://www.gate.io/strategybot

4. Choose your favorite trading bot and click create a strategy

5. Alternatively, you can copy active strategies by clicking https://www.gate.io/rank#strategybot

6. Congratulations on making your first quantitative trading

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